Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Link in the Chain

Chain of events that is! Another task down and, well, many more to go... if we're being honest. But this one is a biggy so I am delighted to share it. For almost 4 weeks now, we have been without a sink or dishwasher in the kitchen. Granted we still had running water indoors, in the bathrooms, but not having any in the kitchen has sure made cooking a challenge. Let's just say, I have a new found respect for the pioneer woman and the woman who washes all her dishes by hand for that matter! Why, I feel like a thoroughly modern Millie with a sink and dishwasher... and I'll never take them for granted again. Notice too the plywood countertops. These are a stop-gap measure until our backordered countertops come in. We will be installing butcher block countertops (in cherry) from Lumber Liquidators. Check these babies out...

Their picture... not mine, but you get the point. When we do install I'll make sure to show them off and let ya'll in on any installlation tricks we learn along the way. Next chore... floors in the kitchen!

Once Again... It's Time for Everyone's Favorite Segment... Ask Ruby!

Now, what you've all been waiting for. Ruby once again, with deep insight into the human condition, will now take your most profounditities of profundities for her canine consideration! Nothing is off limits as Ruby accepts any and all of your human queries. Some sample questions might include... Ruby, how does one achieve love without longing... or...Ruby, are you a squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom or the middle kind of gal? Ruby has the answers and eagerly awaits your question. Just go to the comment area below and Ruby will RSVP with rapidity!

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Weeks Work

I had no idea that it could take so long to put in a floor but... it was a labor of love and... it did! For 7 days we worked a solid 10 hours a day installing the world's most beautiful floor. Of course, we are not completely finished. Some coats of polyurethane are in order and we will have to do that over the course of about 36 hours to give adequate drying time. All dogs, kids and furniture are going to have to take a hike! We are thinking about an over nighter, in a motel, with a pool. A mini vacation if you will. This photo doesn't show the detail in this fabulous floor either. It is so rustic, showing nail holes and irregularities, and I love it! Problem now... I have to paint these dark western cedar walls. I have already primered and painted the red ceiling, (YUCK,) and the new "country white" shade makes the room so much lighter. And, in the meanwhile, my beauty of a floor remains under wraps in pink rosin paper to avoid damage before treating. Then there's the kitchen which still requires a bit of work, not the least of which is the wood floor in there. But some good news... crisis averted... my stainless apron sink now fits in the cabinet! Initially it didn't, in spite of the cabinet person at Home Depot having the measurement. The problem was that the sink measurement from the company (we ordered online at,) wasn't accurate and maybe didn't consider the added measurement of the edges? But my Dad, carpenter extraordinaire and his trusty assistant... my hubby... did an awesome job cutting the cabinet down to accommodate the sink. I love the clean lines of it and am thrilled with the way it will fit into my kitchen decoration, (stay tuned for more of that later.) Did I mention that the sink was $500.00 less than any other apron sink I found... still a splurge but not totally extravagant. Then there's my other favorite kitchen bargain, my kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls.These beauties came from Ebay but look like vintage or Pottery Barn and were in NO way that expensive.
The reproduction glass knobs look like depression era pulls but are so much less expensive than those would be. These knobs were under $2.00 a piece which is unheard of for new pulls, much less antique. The brushed stainless pulls were under $4.00 a piece and are heavy and high quality. These same pulls are listed at Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and home improvement stores for between $8.00 to $10.00 a piece. That's a serious savings, especially if you have lots of drawer banks in your cabinetry! So, tomorrow we start again. Check back for some hopeful signs of completion... too bad Dad's gone!

More Summer Fun with the Pooches

Okay so we all know that summer fun means doing stuff at a slower pace... especially in the south. Summer heat just doesn't allow for anything too intense. This, of course holds true for the doggies as well. You all know... I'm sure... that Fluffy and Fido need to stay cool just like you. Plenty of fresh water and fresh air are a must for the pups. Of course sometimes a trip to the local (dog friendly) swimming hole is in order. However there are those days when sitting in some cool AC is all you can muster. One of our favorite family summertime activities, in the AC, is sitting down to watch a movie. AHHH what fun! But we all know that Fido isn't allowed in the movie theater so... now what? Well being dog lovers you know there is usually an angle that will allow you to enjoy your favorite activities with your pooch. So, without further adieu... here are my suggestions for movie nights that have "gone to the dogs."

1. Rent a movie. We recently rented Hotel for Dogs and really enjoyed it. My son loved all the kid action and cute dogs, while the pack barked at the whimpers and howls onscreen. I personally liked that there was that element of "teenish flick" which brought me back to this...
Ah Ducky, and a pink Carmengia!

... but there was also a little element of this too...

Who doesn't love some puppy romance?

Staying in with the pack can be very rewarding indeed. (You might also take this opportunity to teach your pup to catch popcorn in the air... one of Ruby's favorite tricks!)

2. Have you considered the great American tradition of "driving-in?" Of course there aren't as many drive-ins around as there once were, but they are experiencing a resurgence and you might just have one close by. (Check out and you could be surprised to find one close to you.) The great news about the drive-in is that dogs are usually allowed too. Here's our local drive-in... "Hull's." (

We love to make a picnic supper of cold fried chicken with Cokes and popcorn from the concession stand. We set up our chairs, blankets and pillows in the back of the pickup and play games while we wait for dark to come. You really can't beat it for doggie socializing opportunities either. There are plenty of other dogs to sniff, strange noises to get used to (people honk their horns when a birthday is announced and of course... dogs start howlin',) lots of open space for a little pre-movie frisbee and of course cuddling up on the blankets once the movie starts. All and all drive-ins are awesome for the whole pack (and P.S. it's pretty cheap too!)
3. Most local communities have really caught on to the idea of open air entertainment. A small town near us is providing free movies on a big screen in the park, every Friday in the summer. Since the dogs already go there for walks and doggie get-togethers, it is only natural that they come for movies too. And truly, if your dog is a bit noisy... it won't be noticed. These outside family activities are often more social that informative (movies are usually older ones that you've probably already seen, and don't have to fear missing the dialogue...) and a little dog noise will blend right in. Of course as with most activities you and your dog share... courtesy for the public is a must... have a leash and pick up your poop... nuff said.)
So, having said all that... I am going to Blockbuster, then my hometown website (to look at the free movie list) and the drive-in homepage to get my summer fun all in order. I'll blog ya'll later!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fortifying the Castle

Over this long weekend... and let's be honest... for almost 9 months now, we have been working on many the home improvement project.Our priority up to this point has been the kitchen. We had to strip the kitchen to bare studs, rewire and replumb so that our space would be more usable and start rebuilding once again. Since my husband and I have done all the work ourselves it is a long process. We also are not contractors or anything like that so, we do take some extra time to learn how to do just about everything. Drywall was a learning process but it turned out okay. From this to this... in "just" 3 weeks!
Of course we also had to study and then follow building code. Some books really helped keep us on task. One of our favorites is the "Reader's Digest Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual." It keeps you on task, has good illustrations and cautions you when necessary. Of course you can also google just about anything and find some online video that will show you how to do it... step by step. Believe me, that little trick can save you big money on a professional consultation. (Of course it doesn't hurt either that my best friend is a plumber and my Dad has done carpentry for many years... free,personal assistance. How can you beat that?) But most importantly, for the past week, we have been trying to get the cabinets hung.

And why the rush to get the cabinets in...? Well it's because they were on our screened in porch. But this weekend, my Dad... "Master of All Home Improvement," and the newly appointed "Biscuit King of Deerfield," came in to help us lay our BEAUTIFUL wood floors!

So... we had to move the cabinets, so we could move the furniture, so we could move the wood flooring (that has been piled in our living room for 7 months to "acclimatize") so we could install the flooring, that will also go in the kitchen and around the cabinets, where they are installed... WHEW! The floors were taken as beams from an old cotton mill in No. Georgia. (Interesting side note... my Great Grandmother once worked in that mill and most likely touched the very wood that we now walk on!) The wood is heart of Pine and was probably originally milled in the late 1800's. My Dad took it and planed it into boards, 5/8 thick finished. They are rough, still showing nail holes and variation in the grain which, is what I love the most about them. This weekend we have laid them using biscuit joints (hence the "Biscuit King" moniker,) and wood glue while securing them with small countersunk wood screws. It's gorgeous and might I say... very time consuming. My Dad and husband have sore knees and I am just trying to keep them fed. Here's a photo of my Dad's "redneck knee pads."

Stay tuned as we continue to transform our '70's "love shack" into a thing of beauty. Later this week we will be working on getting a sink in the kitchen! This has been a problem because, even though it is an apron sink and an apron sink stand... the sink doesn't fit the cabinet. Yikes... wish us luck!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Memorial to Man's Best Friend

Memorial Day weekend has arrived and for many... myself included... it means working on projects, cooking out and being with friends and family. Yet, I can't stress enough that even though those things are important to me, what is most important is the meaning of the weekend and the responsibility to pause and honor those who sacrificed so much. The American fighting man and woman are incredibly brave and honorable people. So many times while they suffered, we sat in relative security and peace. So, for that most awesome blessing... I can't thank them enough. So I will attend a Memorial Day service this year, like many years before, and I will remember those who served me so selflessly. And this year I would like to encourage all of you to join me in honoring ALL who served. By "All" I want to include the remarkable service of the American canine.

In every war,on every battlefield, throughout history, dogs have been there. Whether sailing the seas with his master or running alongside a battlefield wagon, dogs have been the loyal companions in war, that we know them to be in everyday life. Some have served in unofficial capacities as camp dogs or unit mascots... and some dogs have served in more official roles. Since WWI, Americans have used dogs for service in the U.S. military. Official American service dogs have been sent ahead in tunnels, searched out explosives and taken down enemy combatants in jungles, deserts, mountains and plains all over the world. All the time these dogs have lovingly and selflessly stayed by their master's side and many times, risked their own life to save their handler. Always these dogs served the cause of freedom out of complete loyalty, which is after all, what we love most about dogs... but these dogs should be honored and set apart for their extraordinary valor.

So I want to again encourage you to honor the American canine on this Memorial Day along with the men and women they have served beside. Take a little time to check out the official site for the American Service Dog memorial. It is humbling to see. And as you cuddle and love your four legged friend this weekend remember the love and comfort that a dogs have given to soldiers, alone and afraid, so far from home.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Village

Alast, I came off the hill to survey the village and buy my wares! (AKA we had to make a trip to the dumpster so we stopped in the store for some Reeses and a Coke.)

Yes, that IS the Deerfield Mall... why do you ask? It's also an official bear checking station!

Good to know!

Can you believe someone left this little jewel at the dump? I know... me either! I left it though, because surely they will realize their mistake soon and return for it!

De-Smellifying Rover

My post on summer fun with your dog brought forth some great questions and some good to remember and know stuff too. Some of you were interested in knowing a good "home recipe" to get the smell out of your dog after an encounter with a skunk. These are two that I found on and they are very basic but effective. Pack friend Sophie has been sprayed several times... once in the middle of the night... and her people were grossly under prepared. They used the first recipe with great success but as I had previously mentioned... peroxide dyes. Still the items are very common things in the average household and can be good in emergency situations of all types. So here they are...

Recipe #1:
1 quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
1/4 cup Baking Soda
1 teaspoon liquid soap
Mix in a bucket (it will fizz).Soak your dog's fur, but be careful not to get any in his eyes.Use a sponge to clean off his head and around his eyes.Knead solution into the fur and be sure to get every part of him with it. Rinse thoroughly.
Recipe #2:
1 cup of vinegar
1 cup hydrogen peroxide
1 cup of dish soap
Lather WELL, add water until a good thick coat of lather is worked up and let sit for 10 minutes.Rinse well, followed by 1/2 cup of vinegar in one gallon of water to rinse and leave on.

Due to chemical reactions these should not be premade and stored. Hydrogen Peroxide can also be great for cleaning and treating wounds as well as inducing vomiting, (my exterminator once left two open blocks of mouse poison behind my stove so that when I moved it to clean, my dog found it irresistible and we had to induce vomiting... followed by a trip to every dog owners favorite... the late night emergency, pay for it with a kidney and a limb, vet!) Long story short... keep hydrogen peroxide handy! Oh and by-the by, as a once groomer I can tell you that nothing gets out poop and dead carcass stink like some good old-fashioned Dawn dish soap.

There are also many good prepackaged de-stinking products on the market. If you are more organized than me... you might pick some up to have on hand should the need arise. Lynn at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures at recommends a product called Zorbx which can be found at

Oh and in case ya'll don't already know... if your dog licks a toad... it will make him froth at the mouth like he's rabid... but it won't hurt him otherwise. Once again... personal experience... no asky no judgey. Happy adventures.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Humble Abode.

Dear friends, isn't it true that your home reflects who you are? Your home is your respite from the storm and the central command of your life. A friend once told that her Pastor encouraged his parishioners to make their homes reflect their Christian identity, so that when anyone walked in they would know immediately that they had entered a Christian home. That of course could mean many things. A cross hung on the wall or an air of a quiet and gentle spirit could both effectively achieve that end. So, your "youness" is in both your chochkees as well as the feeling within. The joy and pride you take in your home are as reflective as the knic-knacs on your shelf. So, what does the Duchess's' home have to say?

Being that I am in what seems like a perpetual state of "remodel" one could assume that my life is chaotic and cluttered. Certainly I do feel as undone, sometimes, as my dining room table...

Open walls are much like the vulnerability I feel in showing my home with warts and all. But everything changes and I, like my home, am trying to steadily make myself better...

From this to this...

... and getting better all the time. But it is the beauty of God's creation that shows how flawed we all are. So, even our feeblest attempts at creating beauty will always show God's superiority.

Hopefully, ya'll find... in this blog... a home reflective of an imperfect child of God , that wants to show her love and gratitude for God's perfect creation.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to my Castle!

Okay so a "Dutchess" doesn't live in a castle... but I can think of no better way to describe my fortress atop the hill! This is my modest cottage in the countryside...

So... more a 1970's monolith but...The Grand Duke surveys his handywork in the kitchen remodel.
Our Young Squire.

The Royal Hounds
Okay a queen might not appreciate the "potential" here... but the Dutchess does. After all, look at all the beauty that surrounds us...

And what good and noble lady doesn't need a throne?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Okay... don't know if ya'll have noticed, but it's almost Memorial Day! Yard Sales are popping up like so many spring flowers. Chicken BBQ is on virtually every corner and I've had to put on a pair of shorts more than once already. So, obviously, the dogs will be out in force as well. It's time to run, romp, sniff and explore the great outdoors. This also means it's time for we people to start thinking about all the necessary summertime precautions to take for our precious pups.

Obviously time outdoors means time spent with pesky bugs. For our canine pals, bugs can mean serious danger. Fleas and ticks bring the threat of heart worms and terrible skin problems. But did you also know that the same ticks that can cause Lyme disease in people can also give the same disorder to dogs? I had no idea until our puppy friend "Sophie" contracted it last year. Luckily she survived but it was very costly and extremely scary for her owners. Nothing can really replace heart worm and flea and tick preventative. Heartguard and Frontline work well but a new flea/tick topical... Biospot... is very effective too and at almost half the cost. That's good for so many of us who are watching budgets.
Another summer threat to pooch can come in the form of critters of the 4 legged variety. As your dog spends more time outside... he is more likely to encounter wildlife. In most instances your dog will be the dominant factor in these encounters, however most critters have their own defenses. It's always good to be able to identify snakes... so that if a bite occurs... you can know whether you should rush Fluffy to the vet. Bees, wasps, hornets and spiders can be more than an irritation to your dog. Some dogs can experience life threatening allergic reactions to stings. Dogs can take over the counter Benadryl but you should consult your vet before anything ever happens, for proper dosing instructions. The infamous skunk can be a REAL problem in the summer too. The are many good remedies for "de-stinking" washes online... it may also be a good idea to have the items necessary for these homemade concoctions on hand before an encounter occurs. (You know the motto... Be Prepared!) A warning though... many of these remedies contain peroxide which may give your BFF a dye job to make Paris Hilton envious. Large animals, such as deer and moose, are having babies this time of year. If they feel threatened by your dog, while with their young, these animals may attack. It's probably best to keep your dogs from provoking wildlife, whenever possible. And... as remote and random as it may sound... old Bailey was once on the receiving end of a porcupine's defenses. Needless to say... not pretty.

With a few precautionary moves, you and your beloved can have an awesome summer together in the great outdoors. The opportunities are endless for swimming, hiking, running and chasing. Along with your local dog parks and trips to your local water hole with Fido, you might consider some group activities that you can do with your dog. Some towns sponsors "Doggie Fun Runs" and walking events. Our town has even been known to feature dogs in the 4th of July Parade. (My favorite is the Fox Hunters Association who travel the parade route with a mass of Beagles and Foxhounds... so cute!)Several Organizations provide organized hikes for people and their pups. Some links for those activities are as follows...

Check these out and see if any are close to you and your hound. But, above all else... get out there and have fun. You and your pup will be happier and healthier for it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Stunts?

So, as I write to ya'll on my new PINK netbook... I can tell you that the weekend WAS all I hoped for. Now I can work on all my various writing projects without fear of losing it all! Thanks honey! (It may be his little way of trying to get me published... for money... but the gratitude remains!) And in the doggie realm... some very interesting stuff happened there as well....

Being Mother's Day weekend and all... I was afforded some time to sit and watch a little TV. My son and I are huge fans of the Mythbusters. And since we had quite a few episodes on the DVR... it was time to catch up. One of the episodes was about different dog myths. The guys and gal tested myths about how to get by a guard dog. Juicy steak and "Bitch in Heat"... confirmed. They also tested a scent dog's nose... i.e. how can you throw a scent hound off a trail? This one was especially interesting to us because, last year my son did a science project on this very subject. We used our scenter Ruby and a "scent article" (my son's VT hat) in a location unknown to her... to see if she could locate him, by scent, in different situations. What we found is that going through water, throwing off other articles of clothing and doubling back were no match for Ruby's nose! Ruby found him every time. The Mythbusters found that a dog's nose was unstoppable too. Oh and if you're wondering... he got 2nd place in his Homeschool Science Fair... pretty cool huh?

Another doggie event for the week came in the form of an unexpected visitor. Our neighbor (I use the term loosely way out here,) called us to ask if she could come and meet Ruby firsthand. She recently lost her Doberman, due to a genetic condition, and is looking to bring home a Weimaraner to be her new companion. So, she wanted to get a look at my magnificent beast and talk "Weimi." Good thing she called because I could give her a heads-up about my gutted kitchen/construction zone and I also got to have a chat with Ruby. I told Ruby of course to be on her best behavior and she "might" get a new playmate in the hood! I also told her to stay clean because the night before she rolled in bear poop... right at dinnertime... as we were about to eat. (insert YUCK face here) Anyway, she seemed to take our little chat to heart because when my neighbor arrived... Ruby contained herself by not jumping up on her and knocking her over (always a plus.) Ruby little"nubbin" of a tail wagged in delight and she seemed to really understand that her play-life depended on her best behavior. So as said neighbor and I are talking... me feelin' pretty proud of my magnificent dog... I decide to illustrate how "smart" the breed is by calling on her to do a few tricks. Standard stuff really. A few sits, downs and stays with a little "speak" and "shake" thrown in for good measure. Of course being that she is smart... she picked this time to use irony and refused me all requests. Kids... they'll make a liar out you every time! Anywoof, I'm sure that my neighbor was unaffected by my dog's willful stubbornness and will get a weimi anyway. Really all you have to do is take one look at their beauty and you're sold. And our pack... well... we can't wait to have a new friend!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Weekend Away.

Okay so who isn't ready for Mother's Day? Well maybe my husband... but not me! I can't wait for blueberry pancakes, planting flowers (ya'll keep your paws crossed that Oliver doesn't go behind me and dig them all up,) and... working my "tail" off, on a kitchen remodel?! Well it's true folks... my kitchen is gutted and it must be rebuilt. So, I will be taking a few days of pure concentration to help my sweet husband complete this daunting project and as such... I will be away from "blogoland" for a bit. However, I am hoping... after countless months of slaving over a "mouthy, back-sassin'" computer that I may be coming back to ya'll with something fresher and renewed. See... I've had my eye on one of those awesome little "net-books," and I am hoping one might await me on Mother's Day... (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean honey?) A new computer would allow me to make all those little tweeks I've been dying to make to this blog. So, wish me luck and to all you Mommies out there... people and doggie... Happy Mother's Day! And now... some cuteness to hold you over!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Mighty Kind Award

Guess what? Those sweet Scotties (ya'll know I H-E-A-R-T Scotties,) over at Rocky Creek Scotty Adventures sent me this lovely blog award! You like me... you REALLY, REALLY like me. I'm glad too because they are so precious and I sure like them. Ya'll should pay them a visit real soon too. They are pretty much, some of the luckiest doggies in the world... with lots of love, a great big beautiful place to run and... rumor has it... they might be getting some carne asada para el Cinco de Mayo! Lucky.

Visit them at for a real treat. They also have a gorgeous Chocolate Lab too... also love Labs... see Mac below. Thanks Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java... you're the best.

And, in the spirit of it all I have some folks I would like to pass this award on to also. So here's the deal...1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. 2) Pass the award to up to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So, this one's for you Sadie,oh and Sadie's Mom, ( Little Miss Sunshine( , Nickers and Neighs(, Mason Dixie(, Debbies Doodle(, The WoofGang(, Oreo and Obie(, Janine( and Regina( "Simple Is, Simple Does."

Monday, May 4, 2009

All About Your Doggie Health

Oh dear friends... with all the health concerns in the world... who among us has not also worried about our own pet's health as well? Dog's are often susceptible to the same chronic diseases as humans (i.e. allergies, cancer,diabetes,) yet their care, often, is not as advanced as what we can seek for ourselves. With very limited options for treating these illnesses in animals... what can we do? For my dogs as well as my human family, the best option has to be preventive care. Obviously, the foods we eat play a large role in caring for our health long term. And once again, monetary concerns are evident when we choose the right foods. Organic and natural ingredients seem the best option but are often very expensive. So what's a Mom (doggie or people,) to do? Well, research... I submit... is the key to providing a quality, nourishing diet for your pack. So, as I research the best and most affordable options for our "pack" health... I want to show you what I have recently found.

Recently, I received a coupon in the mail for a free bag of Eukanuba puppy food. Many fellow doggie Moms swear by the brand (especially show dog Mommies,) and I have often considered the brand but, with money being tight... I have never bought. Eukanuba is a little pricey but the ingredients are outstanding. Veterinarians often carry the line in their offices and the company has specific formulations geared toward specific breeds such as "spaniels," or "retrievers." They are also carrying a line of food that simulates a "wild diet." Items such as salmon, (given to sled dogs in Alaska for countless years,) is one ingredient in their line... and we all know the benefits of Omega 3's no? So, with coupon in hand I headed to Petsmart for my free bag. I just started feeding it to my pups (yes I still consider Ruby a pup,) so I will have to give a later review of the food. We will see if it truly merits its price tag.
So, what if there is no Petsmart in your town in which to purchase these "boutique" brands of dog food?Certainly one can get good dog food at the Supermarket. But, if you are looking for organic ingredients or want a more holistic approach to feeding Fido then look no further than your own fridge, garden or backyard. In a previous article I explained why wheat is banned from our home but it might not be a bad idea to banish it from your dog's diet too. The two most common allergens in dogs are wheat and beef. So, even if your dog has no reactions to these products... one has to wonder if there isn't something completely unnatural about feeding these things to your beloved pet?Many dog lovers out there are opting to go with the BARF diet instead of buying their pup's food in the dog food isle. BARF is basically a "raw" foods diet that involves feeding your dog the things that would he would most closely be eating if he were a wild dog, in other words... natural. Groomer Ang at feeds her pups with this motto and they are lovely specimens. It's always interesting to hear what's on their meal plan... liver, chicken etc. Obviously, dog cannot live by meat alone. BARF advocates suggest that your dog's diet, in order to be balanced, should be supplemented with fruits, veggies and whole grains such as oats and brown rice. All of these foods could be cheaply attained by harvesting from a backyard garden or hunting wild game or even picking them up at the grocery. With my own hounds, I implement some elements from this diet and feed them wild turkey, organic eggs, fruits, and veggies with their store bought dog food. This extends the dog food and gives them some extra anti-oxidant rich foods at the same time.
Of course we have the best of intentions for our dogs but it can sometimes be a maze of information on what's okay for them and what's not. Certain foods that are okay for people are not okay for dogs. If there is a question about what's good and what's not, you can always turn to the Humane Society,( for up to date info on what is safe and what isn't. The Humane Society also maintains a list of pet food recalls... always good to know. Information site, "Whole Dog Journal," is a good source for everything doggie and I understand that they provide an annual review of organic and natural dog foods, to help you get the most for your money. Also, another site that I am LOVING is This site gives access to all types of info for your pet which you might have to otherwise seek veterinary help for. They are like a WebMD for dogs and they even have a way to chat online with a veterinarian for any questions you may have. Think of the money that could save! So, I will let ya'll know how the new "free" food went down and until then... chow down hounds.

Friday, May 1, 2009

More Friends of the Pack.

Here are some of the best doggie friends a pack could have...


Mac is the kind of guy anyone would want as a friend. He is so loving and frankly, he doesn't know why everyone in the world isn't just like him. Mac lives with his people on a nice sized farm in Georgia. He has a creek,woods and chickens (he only smells... never touches.) Once Mac went on a walkabout and took up with a nice family a couple of miles from home. Although he missed his family... he really enjoyed laying in the bed with the new family and being fed from the table. His people were so grateful to be reunited with him... that they baked the temporary foster family a pie, and to this day... Mac still gets to have sleepovers with them when his people are away.


Sophie is a spunky ball of fire that our pack has had many a play date with... even old Bailey likes her. Sophie loves her people and gets to spend many weekends with her people grandparents. But don't let her pint-sized prowess fool you. Sophie has tangled with two skunks and a coyote... and she always came out on top. Sophie ain't skeered. Rocky

Rocky is one handsome dude... no? Rocky loves to run in big circles, chew up beds and guard his people from the evil lurking in this great big world. Rocky might be the most misunderstood of all our pack friends. What some confuse for aggression is probably just a great big sense of duty. Once, Rocky even let Ruby sniff his butt... not something Rocky often allows but come on... have you seen Ruby? She's gorgeous and why wouldn't he want a little howl-o from her? Can you imagine what Ruby/Rocky puppies would look like? Uhhh... maybe not.

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