Friday, May 1, 2009

More Friends of the Pack.

Here are some of the best doggie friends a pack could have...


Mac is the kind of guy anyone would want as a friend. He is so loving and frankly, he doesn't know why everyone in the world isn't just like him. Mac lives with his people on a nice sized farm in Georgia. He has a creek,woods and chickens (he only smells... never touches.) Once Mac went on a walkabout and took up with a nice family a couple of miles from home. Although he missed his family... he really enjoyed laying in the bed with the new family and being fed from the table. His people were so grateful to be reunited with him... that they baked the temporary foster family a pie, and to this day... Mac still gets to have sleepovers with them when his people are away.


Sophie is a spunky ball of fire that our pack has had many a play date with... even old Bailey likes her. Sophie loves her people and gets to spend many weekends with her people grandparents. But don't let her pint-sized prowess fool you. Sophie has tangled with two skunks and a coyote... and she always came out on top. Sophie ain't skeered. Rocky

Rocky is one handsome dude... no? Rocky loves to run in big circles, chew up beds and guard his people from the evil lurking in this great big world. Rocky might be the most misunderstood of all our pack friends. What some confuse for aggression is probably just a great big sense of duty. Once, Rocky even let Ruby sniff his butt... not something Rocky often allows but come on... have you seen Ruby? She's gorgeous and why wouldn't he want a little howl-o from her? Can you imagine what Ruby/Rocky puppies would look like? Uhhh... maybe not.

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