Friday, October 29, 2010


This was my lunch today! Lucky? Yes, I am. Those tomatoes are some of the last hangers-on of the tomato crew. They made it through last nights sub-freezing temps and onto my gluten free, grilled tomato and cheese sandwich. Those peppers in the background made it too but surely wouldn't survive tonight's anticipated low of 27 degrees. That pickle? Homemade, organic dill... from the hands belonging to my husband and me. Honestly... the BEST I've ever eaten!

And after lunch, a nice little trail ride with my friend Susan. The cool weather had this little girl acting a little too peppy for my liking! I think she may be getting a bit "stall bound." She could care less about where her buddies are, but she LOVES that stall and can't get back to it quick enough. The ride out... pleasant. The ride back... a real lip ripper! Husband and I are gonna take her out for a longer more challenging ride tomorrow and hopefully she'll be too tired for her rambunctious little trot home.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

These are my new muck boots! Aren't they precious? What's not to love about them really? They're pink, They're brown, They have horses!
Of course there was a time, (seems like ages ago,) when I wouldn't have been caught dead in these little beauties. Why, you ask? Well... I was once a bit of a clothing snob. Hard to admit, but true. I guess, 5 years of wearing an Air Force uniform everyday can change a girl. Then as all Mommies know, all clothes must be snot resistant and easily wash and wear. Then pile on the dogs, the horses... more snot...
Today Anne Marie at Nada Farm Life posted the LOVELIEST Ralph Lauren fashions!
It's enough to make a wanna-be Gypsy/Cowgirl faint!
Of course, after seeing that I began to ponder... when did I replace Saks with Tractor Supply as my favorite clothier?!
And now for some pictures of my favorite "pondering" spot... my screened-in porch.

We'll be eating our homemade veggie-beef soup and jalapeno cornbread here today!
I love this little bench. It's traveled the whole country with me and now resides on my beloved porch.
Ohhhh, how I love to wile away the hours in that swing...
And yes, that's my saddle rack. Why isn't it at the barn with the horses? Well besides them being some of the most monetarily valuable things I own, I just love to look at them. They make me feel like a real horsewoman! Dale Evans, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, etc. In fact I think I'll go out and have rodeo/Ralph Lauren wearing/Montana Sky/Gypsy Caravaning Queen daydreams right now!

Wordy Wednesdays

"Animals are such agreeable friends- They ask no questions, They pass no criticisms."
-George Eliot
(photo William Wegman)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Awesome Era

Thanks to my very talented nephew, Will Kelly, I found this awesome BLOG from the Denver Post. This photo blog, posts a rare collection of color photos from 1939-1943 and manages to capture a point in history, in a way we have rarely ever seen before. The generation known as "The Greatest Generation" has always fascinated me. To see a nation survive the hardships of the Depression and then pull together so completely during times of war, is nothing short of awe inspiring... maybe even miraculous. But to be able to see images of the age in full color is an incredible experience. I encourage you to go take a look at the Denver Post photo blog and also at the wonderful artwork of my nephew Will on his blog "Drawing the Sword."

* Let's try that link again... click HERE

Wordy Wednesdays

"If you want the best seat in the house, move the dog."
(We miss you Daddy)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'm so thankful for the comfort and security of "HE" who carries me when I'm weary.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Days Are Like That

Life is trial and error. And some days I feel it, more than others. You too?

Oh "Howl" We've Missed You!

It's been a Dog's Age since we spoke!
Mommy needed a little break and so she took one, but she missed you all terribly all the while.
This summer we ran and played with some new brothers and sisters.
It seems that we now have horses (part of our pack... herd?) and we have discovered how much we love trail rides. As the weather gets cooler though, Mom is looking forward to sitting down with ya'll and chatting about all our lovely adventures! Sound good? We hope so. Coffee for the people. Bones for the hounds. And whatever for the equine that the equine like... See ya'll soon!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stacking Wood

Nothing in this family is ever done in quiet solitude... every minute of every day has, at the very least, some critter in it. My son, my husband, (yes sometimes they act like critters,) 3 dogs, 2 horses, 1 mini-mule... and anytime we start to stir outside... our neighbor's dog, are all a part of the happy chaos that is our household. So, would we be somberly stacking wood on this chilly October day? Quietly considering the role of humanity in nature or the space-time continuum...? No, not when you have 4 dogs and a 12 year old boy to help.

As you can see, Isabelle (the neighbor's dog) heard the wood delivery truck and naturally... came to lend a hand.
Our Weimaraner, Ruby, contemplates whether the recent delivery is the sole property of our family and thereby, should be protected.A pack discussion commences and...
After some hearty negotiations, and the ceremonial "sniffing of the rear"... a drink of water from the bird bath is offered! And in a gesture of unilateral friendship, Isabelle is invited to stay for the stacking of the wood.
Oliver, confounded, expresses his disdain and asks to go inside for a nap. But he should know... there's no rest for the weary here.

Monday, October 4, 2010

From Where I Sit

I spy with my little eye...

Pickles and peaches and jellies, oh my!

Hot Mix and Sauces and goodness galore.
Content, I ask for nothing more.
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