Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Floors and Pulls and Outdoor Stuff

This week we had a plethora (I love that word) of visitors and loads of activities. It was a welcome break in house renovations but alas we are back at it again. The floors have received their final coat of polyurethane in the kitchen and so we have "only" the rest of the house to do. Here's a look.
Notice the knobs and pulls are all on now too. Huzzah!One disappointment however is the scratches that are already there. Because we have 3 rambunctious dogs and 1 rambunctious kid... scratches are unavoidable... I guess?Of course suggestions and ideas are always welcome. If you have some, leave them in the comment section. Now I think I'll take a break outside in some of my favorite resting spots (see below,) and check on my tomatoes.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sights of Summer

This past week was spent enjoying the company of family and friends while doing a little sightseeing and hangin' out. A good time was had by all and everyone had their own favorite parts. Oliver enjoyed all the toys and pacifiers that come along with little people. Ruby kept up her role as chief guardian and protector by alerting all visitors to the arrival of a bear at the house, (YIKES... he was huge... sorry no pictures, this time.)And Bailey, he reminisced about the days when he had that most intriguing of aromas, the "dirty diaper," in his own house. And here are a few of the cool doggie sights I caught along the way...

A Pug family chillin' at a yard sale I stopped in on. That's the Daddy Dog with his 8 pups,(can you believe 8?!)A BEAUTIFUL service dog that we met at a toy store in town.

This is a display at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, of a scientist who requested that his body be given to the museum for research and then displayed with his beloved Wolfhound.We found these guys as we were returning movies we had rented. Man... does that dog have it made or what?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Quick Question?!

The dog... possibly the noblest of all of God's creatures. Loyal, loving, steadfast, majestic... regal. A truer friend, man has never known. So why, oh why, oh why... do they pull your dirty drawers out of the hamper, when company is around? Any theories?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It appears that the squirrels are now working with the possums as well.... Watch out OWAS, it's getting dicey out there!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Mighty Effort

It appears we are losing steam on our many remodeling projects. The end of baseball season is upon us and so many times we must stop any momentum we've mustered to attend a game. Not that it's a bad thing because we have really enjoyed watching our son play baseball this year but it feels as though the remodel is dragging on and on. We did manage to get our countertops in very quickly and then our challenge was finding a place to put them, because we weren't quite ready to install them. Polyurethane has not been put down yet and the fridge is still on the porch but this is baseball tournament weekend and also Father's Day weekend so... Last weekend however I stumbled on a really good yard sale and got some cute stuff for the house.

Check out that PRECIOUS pink wastebasket! So retro and cute and at only $2.00 it was a bargain! The silverware is a combo of silverplate patterns and styles. My favorite is a cute deco baby spoon with the words, Prestige Gay Adventure, on the back. Some of the other pieces are inscribed, Wm A. Rogers German Silver, Rogers and Brothers Silver, Old Company Plate (with a cute Monogram, Melody Silverplate, and one of my favorites has the inscription on top of the spoon that says, M.D. U.S.A. These would certainly make beautiful drawer pulls but for now, I will clean the up and delight in stirring my coffee with them. The green handled knife goes with a lot of my vintage "green" stuff (I'm a huge jadite fan,) and the curious little mug is Fireking and has the word, "Fred," on the front. I don't know who Fred was... but his mug is adorable. P.S. The whole lot cost me $3.00!Tomorrow is Saturday and I hope to stumble on another good yard sale then. So, wish me luck in treasure hunting, baseball watching and remodeling!

Summer Lovin'

Oh Oliver, if you only knew!

It was summer, baseball season, and the last thing on his mind was the fairer sex. Oliver was looking forward to catching a game, watching his boy hit the white ball and possibly "convincing" someone out of their peanuts... but that's it!

After all, he's done this a million times before... pick up some dropped fries, retrieve some stray fly balls, get a belly rub. Standard stuff!

But then "she" walked in. With her cute little floppy ears and lovely dark eyes... Oliver was smitten. Her name, "Gracie." A named once formed on the lips of angels in heaven.

Oliver tried to play it cool. He wanted to ask if her face was hurting... because... it was killing him. Still he was so unsure... what if she rejected him... would he ever love another? Finally, after eating a little grass, he summoned all of his collective mojo and approached. Like two wild dogs, answering primal calls across a remote African savanna, their eyes locked. A primordial stirring welled inside Oliver and he knew that he had at once begun and finished his life's search. "Gracie" so preciously formed on the jowls, so easily woofed... his tail wagged... he play bowed... he went in for the sniff... and...and...

Not what he had hoped for!

It's a story as old as time. You approach the plate, get ready to swing and, STRIKE OUT! It could have been beautiful. He would have given her the moon and howled at it too. Oh Gracie, why... WHY?

HEY, was that a foul ball?

Post Script; Oliver is scheduled for his "mojoectomy" later this month.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Vacation has gone to the dogs.

Summer vacations are the stuff memories are made from. Having the whole family together, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is great. And when I say "whole" family, for many of us that would include our dog.

And since more and more people are traveling by car these days, traveling with the "whole family could become a very complex endeavour. Still, with a little consideration and preparation traveling with your doggie doesn't have to be prohibitive. Here are some ideas that I find helpful when hitting the road with the pack.

1. Remember Fido when packing the car. Your dog's safety has to considered as well as your own. Make sure your dog is safely confined in some way so that in the event of an accident, your dog doesn't become a projectile. There are actually safety harnesses on the market, currently, that secure your dog into a seat belt. We have one for Ruby, mostly to protect herself...from herself. There are also various options for SUVs, such as gates, to keep your dog safely in the cargo area. And if your dog has to be in the back of your pickup, a hard sided kennel would offer the most protection and safety. Also, don't forget that your pup needs frequent bathroom breaks.

and plenty of fresh water to drink. A collapsible bowl is perfect for those who tend to over pack (insert my name here) and will hold a lot of water for your buddy. Weird as it may sound, you should also consider giving your dog bottled water or water brought from home, as your dog could have problems with water from other locations... and you don't want your dog to have tummy troubles on the road! Of course when tummy problems do arise, your dog can have Pepto Bismol or Immodium AD. And as always, check with your vet for proper dosing before a problem occurs.

2. Consider your pups feelings. Some dogs just DON'T like to travel. It can be nerve wrecking to be taken away from home and not know what's up. Of course they will have soooo much fun when the get there, but they don't know that yet. One way to soothe your dog is with herbal remedies, given orally, that are designed to calm your dog. Many good ones can be found at http://www.kvvet.com/ and are pretty inexpensive. Mostly though, if you make it a fun experience with treats and games, your dog, being the creature of habit that he is, will eventually look to travel with excitement instead of dread.

3. Most hotels/motels are now much more welcoming of dogs. Sometimes an extra deposit is required to allow your doggie access and other times you may be required to stay in a room dedicated to pets. Still there are more and more options now that not only "allow" your dog, but they actually cater to them as well. Hotel Monaco (www.monaco-alexandria.com) in Alexandria VA. offers such amenities as a "Director of Pet Relations," (Bichon Frise named Charlie) and a "doggie happy hour" as well as a 24 hr. treat service in the lobby! The Hilton Atlanta (www.hilton.com/pets) goes above and beyond by offering doggies, upon check in, a welcome package that includes a tote, treats, biodegradable poop bag, and a small bottle of cleaner for messes and spills! You can also request a doggie bed designed by famed photographer (my favorite... he does the crazy Weimi photos,) William Wegman. Many towns and cities offer a wealth of knowledge in their town website. Most places, you can find info on lodging and
leisure and you might be surprised how many places will entertain your doggie needs. Last year I looked at places to stay in Gatlinburg TN. and Asheville NC. and was amazed to find many beautiful cabin rentals that allowed dogs and also had fenced in areas where they were welcome to run off leash.

All in all traveling can be an awesome experience for your "whole" family. Get out there and see where the road leads!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BANZAI - Squirrel Fishing

Ruby, Bailey and Oliver's "training video."

Operation Secret Squirrel

Ruby, Bailey and Oliver have been talking to their blog buddy Tank a lot lately and have also been running back and forth... from inside to outside carrying fishing gear? They asked me to post something they are calling a "training video?!" Anyway, being the "dog centered" household this is... I oblige. I hope they're not into any kind of trouble, shenanigans or hijinks. So here it is, Ruby... you can stop pulling on my pants leg! (The post above.)
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