Friday, June 12, 2009

A Mighty Effort

It appears we are losing steam on our many remodeling projects. The end of baseball season is upon us and so many times we must stop any momentum we've mustered to attend a game. Not that it's a bad thing because we have really enjoyed watching our son play baseball this year but it feels as though the remodel is dragging on and on. We did manage to get our countertops in very quickly and then our challenge was finding a place to put them, because we weren't quite ready to install them. Polyurethane has not been put down yet and the fridge is still on the porch but this is baseball tournament weekend and also Father's Day weekend so... Last weekend however I stumbled on a really good yard sale and got some cute stuff for the house.

Check out that PRECIOUS pink wastebasket! So retro and cute and at only $2.00 it was a bargain! The silverware is a combo of silverplate patterns and styles. My favorite is a cute deco baby spoon with the words, Prestige Gay Adventure, on the back. Some of the other pieces are inscribed, Wm A. Rogers German Silver, Rogers and Brothers Silver, Old Company Plate (with a cute Monogram, Melody Silverplate, and one of my favorites has the inscription on top of the spoon that says, M.D. U.S.A. These would certainly make beautiful drawer pulls but for now, I will clean the up and delight in stirring my coffee with them. The green handled knife goes with a lot of my vintage "green" stuff (I'm a huge jadite fan,) and the curious little mug is Fireking and has the word, "Fred," on the front. I don't know who Fred was... but his mug is adorable. P.S. The whole lot cost me $3.00!Tomorrow is Saturday and I hope to stumble on another good yard sale then. So, wish me luck in treasure hunting, baseball watching and remodeling!

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