Monday, August 31, 2009

What's A Pony Mule?

To answer the question... he's a "pony" bred to a "donkey" making him quite possibly the cutest mule I've ever seen. He's living in the "hood" now and my son and I are helping to train him. Believe me he has become very much our pet too! Check out Frankie the "pony-mule" and tell us what you think.

Hey Lady... That's one strange lookin' dog!

We have a new puppy! Isn't he cute? Okay he's not a canine, he's an equine and I am a dog person but I think I can adapt. This little fella is a "pony/mule." And to answer the question that I get every time I utter the phrase "pony-mule," he is a pony bred to a donkey... which makes him... strange but cute. A "pule" or perhaps a "mony," if you please. Anyway, a neighbor brought him to us in hopes that we can train him (for pulling and hauling during deer season) and she also hoped that my son would use him as an FFA project. Basically he's our pet without the vet bills, HUZZAH! I have trained other neighbor's dogs in the past (I even got to work with a Weimaraner this summer,) but I have never, EVER been asked to do this before! So with a lack of equine experience, my son and I are approaching it as if it were another puppy... how different can they really be? After one day he is allowing us to lead him with just the use of a click and an apple treat... just like a dog right? If he starts fetching I'll be sure to let ya'll (and Guinness Book,) know right away! P.S. Our new pack... uh I mean herd member... is named Frankie.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Awesome Paw Some Award

Look at what my sweet friends, The Rocky Creek Scotties gave us! A really neat-o award. Thanks ya'll.

What can we say... we're so honored! And in the spirit of southern hospitality, we now pass it on the 5 of our blog buddies too... in hopes they do the same. And here ya'll are in no certain order.

1. Actually Laura because she's so darn cute and REALLY passionate about rescuing animals.

2.Paco, Milo and Maya Ahh what beautiful pups, I wish I could run my fingers through their golden locks!

3. Sierra Rose She's an outdoorsy type and we love that!

4. Those gorgeous GA. labs at because Bailey still has Alaska dreams too... grouse and ptarmigan.

5. Finally, Maxdog the best tour guide S. Africa has ever seen.

Hope ya'll enjoy!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes Hooray!

Yesterday I had to run to town to get a few things. I hardly ever get to go to Target because it's about an hour from my house... so I can't just pop in real quick. But I had to be near Target, so of course I seized the opportunity. Our Target has a Starbucks inside, does yours? Anyway, as much as I love Target shopping I also love me some Starbucks... but let's be specific... I love Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, hot or cold. How can you beat that taste of pumpkin pie, whipped cream and a cup of coffee all together in one cup? It's magic. So, long story short, as I was checking out from my Target experience yesterday, a girl came by with a tray full of samples of PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES! She asked if I wanted to try one... of course I did! You know they only have that flavor fall through Christmas? Oh how I had missed that yummy goodness! So as soon as I had slurped ever droplet from the little cup (I wanted to lick it out but resisted... something about you can take the girl out of the country but not the....) I headed over to the Starbucks counter to order the full sized version of my mini delight. I hopped right up, gave the girl my order and smiled from the knowledge that Pumpkin Spice was BACK! " Sorry, we don't start serving that until Monday." she said. "Why then are you giving out samples today?!" I said. "We want you to be excited about the flavor." She said. Well whoop-te-do! I was excited and then denied. The good news though, all you PSL aficionados out there... you can have one... on Monday.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordy Wednesdays

To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs.
-Aldous Huxley

Saturday, August 22, 2009


If home is a feeling... then this is the feeling I want in my home's kitchen! It makes me wanna whip up some buttermilk biscuits and gravy! You too? Don't forget sorghum for desert.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bailey Gets Older

As this Summer season is drawing to a close, I have Bailey on my mind. At the age of 14, I wonder if he will make it through to his 15th birthday in February. He is definitely showing the signs of his advanced age and life is not as easy for him as it once was. Yet, despite his difficulty in getting up, eyes riddled with cataracts and the tell-tale tumors Springers often get... he still has a small spark. When we walk in the room, his tail still wags and he still appreciates a good meal. I suppose that's why we love dogs. Even with their dying breath... they love us.
When Bailey was an 8 wk. old pup I took him to the beach to play. I hadn't picked a name for him yet but knew I wanted it to be something about coffee, because he looked like a little cup of coffee that hadn't had the cream quite stirred in yet. A girl stopped me and asked what my puppy's name was. When I told her that he didn't have name yet, she said, "If he were mine I would name him Bailey because he looks like someone poured Bailey's Irish Cream into their coffee and forgot to stir."A-HA, yes that was what I was thinking too but had not articulated it so well.
As difficult as it is to see your beloved friend get old... there are many joys with it as well. We have a history. Bailey has sopped my tears and jumped to the sound of my laughter more times than I can count. He has been a constant, faithful and devoted companion in ways that no human ever could be. He has paddled down rivers, jumped off cliffs, raced along a snow machine, hiked countless mountain miles, made friends with an otter and came to an "understanding" with a porcupine. He has guarded and protected me more times than I probably even know. And when he flushed birds... it was sheer poetic joy to behold. I love him and he has loved me even when I didn't deserve his love. What can I ever do to repay that? Nothing. So, I am trying to be the best steward to him that I can be. I will clean up after him and scratch the itches he can't reach. I will feed him what he wants and make sure he has a comfy bed. And if he makes it through the upcoming cold season... I will keep his spot next to the fire reserved just for him. It's the least I can do for an old and dear friend.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School is Looming!

My goodness, mommies are such busy people! All year long we hurry and scurry about, caring for our families and homes. As Summer begins to dwindle, I am thinking about all that the season meant for my family. We planted, we tended, we harvested, we put away for winter. We entertained guests and went visiting. We stayed physically active and played and adventured and learned. And of course, around here, we have sawed, hammered, primed, painted and installed for three months, with still more to do. Finally, we have planned for the coming school year which, I just realized isn't coming... it's here! My morning check of Facebook updates confirms my suspicions... school has started. Yes, we homeschool so I am not as attuned to the schedules of school systems as I once was,( he was in traditional schools for several years.) Facebook reminds me of the way we used to feel... saying good bye for the next nine months... excited by the new things we would learn.... eager to wear the new clothes and use the fresh new notebook we purchased for "back to school." I must admit I do miss the new notebook thing! It just seems too soon. Facebook friends around the globe are saying they are taking pictures, driving to school or putting on the bus, and saying good bye to their babies, either for the first time ever or just feeling like it's the first time all over again. I too have to start thinking about my lesson plans and my schedule. I guess what I am saying is that time is passing too quickly. ( Our elders told us this would happen!) Summer was a whirlwind and even though families were probably together... we are now wishing we could slow down, turn back time, take it easy. Summer should ideally be about dipping our toes in the lake, reading books in the hammock, listening to the surprise summer storm, crickets. But time has caught up to us and we have to move on. So, I want to encourage all you mommies out there to join me in a challenge. Let's forget the cyclone of activity that is about to befall us! Let's say "no" to some activities, only participating in what's most worthwhile. Let's play boardgames with our kids at night and bake some cookies "homemade" (slice and bake counts,) and read together... even if it means saying no to the PTA or Co-op or team coach. Working mommies and stay home mommies and school mommies and homeschool... let's rebel! Let's say "no" and take some time to enjoy our families and homes that we work so hard to maintain. Psalm 55;22 says,
"Cast your cares on the Lord
and he will sustain you.
he will never let the righteous fall."
Leave me a little note, if you like, of suggestions on how we can be present, carefree and fulfilled. It's time for busy Mommies around the world to unite and slow it down! Good luck!

Wordy Wednesdays

" No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversations as a dog does."
-Christopher Marley

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Dogs of 127

Recently, a friend of mine and I went a trip down the "world's longest yardsale" route... Hwy. 127. It was a blast, we saw so many neat things and got some great bargains! Sadly though, the doggies didn't get to come with us. It was a "girl's weekend" with no husband or kids allowed, even furry kids. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the break... I just saw lots of pups around the sales that reminded me of my furry babies. Here are some yard-saleing dogs in action. It was really awesome to see so many out, and enjoying the event, with their doggies along!Check this guy out! Part Jack Russell/part Dachshund? All cute!I thought the Rocky Creek Scotties might enjoy this picture! Their names are Ollie and Bailey.

Isn't this guy handsome?Sir Buckingham, "Bucky" was every bit as smart and regal as one expects a standard Poodle to be!

This guy is rumored to be very "sensitive" about people approaching his playpen, but was more than willing to pose for my camera! Too cute!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fried Pies and Those Lyin' HGTV Hucks!

Okay so I promised you that I would expose HGTV for the lying, liars, who lie that they really are... so here goes! About 6 months ago... HGTV premiered a show about the Hwy. 127 yard sales. On "said show," the shiny little host and hostess featured a "lady" in Jamestowne TN. who was the sole purveyor of fried pie for the entire "yard-saleing" event. This lady's pies were supposed to melt in your mouth and be so light and flaky that you thought you were dreaming! My best friend saw this "show" and her daily fried pie fantasies began! Everyday she longed for the moment she would taste this southern ambrosia and revel in it's sweet and moist goodness. So the plan was concocted... we would start our yard sale adventure in Jamestowne so that we might first start our trip with a taste of heaven! Of course this was a bit out of our way... but is it not worth the inconvenience? So as our first day of yard sales dawned, we went in search of pies... not just any pies,no... these were the golden chalice, the holy grail of fried pies! Through much traffic, we made our way north on Hwy. 127 to Jamestowne, not a large town mind you, to seek out doughy goodness. Alas we arrived, circling the town square once, twice.... three times! No fried pies anywhere! Finally in a tearful rage (well more tears of laughter, but tears none the less) we decided to stop into City Hall where surely if there were pies to be had, this seat of government would be the pulse of it all! "No," the lady behind the counter said, "there's no fried pie lady here." "But down at my hairdresser's shop there's a little lady who brings some in to sale on Saturday." Saturday! It was Thursday and we had planned to be well into Alabama by Saturday!
"HGTV are liars! We've been dooped!"

Sadness, dejected, weeping and gnashing of teeth! "If I see those HGTV people out here this year, they're getting a piece of my mind," Best Friend said. Another night passes and dreams of being chased by large fried pies with microphones ensues. "No, don't douse me with your chunky apple filling!" Then as another day dawns we move forward, boldly, undaunted by the previous day's events. On to Crossville and hopefully we can forget the empty void in Best Friend's belly. As one mega-tented sale unfolds into another, we turn our minds to bargains instead of pies and lying TV hosts. The Senior Center might be the perfect spot for antiques and crafty things, so we decide to go in. But what did we find? Bargains on antiques? No. Alas, sprawled out in front of the most angelic yet aged face you've ever seen, not chochkees, not nick-nacs, not even bric-a brac... just the most splendidly perfect FRIED PIES you have ever seen! (Que Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing "Hallelujah Chorus" here!) As Best Friend approaches, mouth a-gape, arms akimbo, a single fat tear resting on the rim of her cheek... she quietly utters the phrase, "Fried-Apple-Pies." " I baked these last night," the angel spoke. "I'll take one please...." Best Friend whispered.

I know it looks like we're at McDonald's... and we are... but that's no Mickey D's fried pie... we were there for iced coffee, (because fried pie ain't gluten free ya know?) So, as the day progressed we DID run into the HGTV jokers, twice. But, since Best Friend was hyped up on sugar and fried dough
she was no longer disgruntled! I however was annoyed that every time I'd see a nice pile of Jadeite... there they'd be, all up over it! I even heard one of the little hostesses calling Jadeite "china!" That's no china sister... that's glass... and you need to be schooled... but I'm too busy looking for kettle corn right now to do it! So all's well that ends well and we learned a very important lesson... stay calm, carry on and there's always a fried pie at the end of every rainbow!

Wordy Wednesdays

"A dog has the soul of a philosopher."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Treats From Obama

Does this dog know something we should be aware of?

The Sights and Sounds of 127!

This gal is tired of runnin'. My summer has been one of constant running around, seeing stuff and takin' names! But I have had a blast and wouldn't trade a minute! The Hwy. 127 Yard Sales was sooooo much fun... just two old friends, no husbands or kids, plenty of old junk and LOTS of laughs. Here are some images to hold us over until next year's sales. Check back here later and I will enchant you with stories of HGTV stalkers, fried pies and BARGAINS! Until next time my junky friends.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Countdown!!!

Okay, for those of ya'll who don't know, this weekend is the most pivotal of all "junkin'" weekends! That's right, The Hwy. 127 Yard Sale, the "World's Longest" starts tomorrow! My best friend and I have been planning for our pilgrimage to this "junkin' holy land," since last year's "Girl's Weekend." We are starting at Jamestown TN., the official start, and going till we can't go no mo'. We will certainly be filling ya'll in on all the treasures we procure. Until then... here are some photos of my hanging planters. They turned out so beautifully this Summer! I don't know what the drapey plant is but I get the question all the time. Any of you gardening folk have an answer... please... let me know. Catch ya'll on the flip-side!

Pit Bull Sharky with Chicks : Day # 30 - "TAIL WAG"

"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Treat for Your Dog

I bet we all agree that dogs are our life companions. God gave us dogs so that we wouldn't have to walk this through this life lonely. So we desire to have them with us as long as we can! I am a firm believer that the best way to extend your dog's life, and together time, is through the foods that you feed them. Quality foods are what our human bodies require for longevity, so it would follow that a dog could thrive the same way. As I've written many times... dogs need a colorful diet full of fruits and vegetables and closely imitating what their wild cousins eat. I don't always cook for my dogs but I know that some of you do... and some of you are like me and make homemade meals for poochie on special occasions. Well, I found a recipe recently in the book, "Reader's Digest Homemade; How to Make Hundreds of Everyday Products Fast, Fresh and More Naturally," for a fancy meal that will knock your dog's socks off! The recipe includes safe vegetables for your dog, as well as whole grain brown rice and yogurt for digestion. The oil also adds a little fat and will help your dog's coat shine. Of course this isn't a balanced meal for everyday feeding but it is a treat that will undoubtedly make your doggie feel as special and loved as they make you feel! Have fun and let me know what your dogs think of this neat treat.

Dog Slaw

1 cup shredded carrots, raw

1/3 cup cooked brown rice

1/2 cup fat-free plain, live-culture yogurt

1/4 cup salad oil (like olive oil)

Mix carrots and rice then mix yogurt with oil combine all and serve!

A Bountiful Summer

Although the the weather has been cooler than normal... the vegetation around here doesn't seem to mind. Some of you, in other parts of the country, might be surprised to hear that we are just staring to get tomatoes out of our kitchen garden, here in the mountains of Virginia. The zucchini and beans are just starting to bloom. Of course the weather in Virginia, as my husband always says, is a model of what weather should be. The Winters are wintry, the Springs are full of blooms, the Summers are pleasantly warm, and the Falls... they are full of rich beautiful color! This year, we fretted over our patch of huckleberries to the point that we might have worried them to death. The more we anticipated lovely purple fruit, the more we lost. (It could have been our neighborhood bear or birds or something else...) So the berries we planned for, never came to fruition. However, our Lord is a gracious God and where he denied us huckleberries, he gave us blackberries instead! The blackberries we found were ripe and sweet and as big as your thumb. Gracious me... and to cap off the Lord's gift he surrounded the bushes with beautiful wildflowers! I took the berries home and made a gluten free blackberry/almond crisp and I picked some flowers for decoration. Thank you Lord for lovely weather, lovely vistas, and plentiful food. Thank you Lord for the blessings of summer!
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