Monday, August 31, 2009

What's A Pony Mule?

To answer the question... he's a "pony" bred to a "donkey" making him quite possibly the cutest mule I've ever seen. He's living in the "hood" now and my son and I are helping to train him. Believe me he has become very much our pet too! Check out Frankie the "pony-mule" and tell us what you think.


  1. What a cute lil' mule and it looks like he's got a nice personality to boot. That's always a plus! I blog hopped my way here somehow, but I lost track through who. I enjoyed your pumpkin spice post, that's one of my faves!

  2. I can NOT show this to my boys! We live in the city, they want a minature donkey, minature cow, goat, chickens, and type of barn animal available..... and they would be there in a minute to kidnap Frankie and put him in our yard!!

  3. Sabes, en mi casa siempre hemos tenido un mulo, se llamaba "Comisario" y murio de viejo, estubo muchos años con nosotros, y despues de su muerte tuvimos una burra que se llamaba "Maria" la cual crió a un mulo muy grande y fuerte, y mi padre lu tuvo que vender porque por que era muy fuerte y mi padre ya estaba mayor, no podia controlarlo.
    Nosotros siempre hemos vivido en un pueblo pequeñito de la montaña, y siempre hemos tenido toda clase de animales, unos por gusto y otros para consumo de la casa.

    Bueno, otro dia seguimos.
    Hasta pronto, Un Besazo....


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