Friday, May 13, 2011

Who else has had problems with Blogger?
Okay I can't really say that's why I haven't been here a lot.
Truth be told, I've been riding.
Yes, it's true and I'm just not ashamed one bit.

We have had some beautiful days, perfect to ride. I do tend to be a fair-weather-rider BUT I have plans to change that this Summer. We are finally wrapping up homeschool for the Summer, freeing up quite a lot of my time. A writer's convention, I am attending, will happen soon too and I hope to be so fully inspired....
A fiction, which I've been working on, has 2 main characters that are "equine-centric," and it really helps me get into the character's minds by surrounding myself with, you guessed it, horses. SO I definitely intend on spending a lot of my Summer in the presence of my horse kids.

And being with them doesn't necessarily equal riding.
I wonder if anyone else out there, sits in the pasture with horses and a notebook?
Is that weird? :)

This is my riding buddy on Clyde.
She's 14 and horse crazy, (admittedly so.)
She doesn't have a horse of her own so I am more than thrilled to have her, (a trained and relaxed rider) take Clyde for a spin.
We recently were given the diagnosis that I have anticipated for a very long time. Clyde has "Shivers" a neurological condition that he was born with. Shivers causes a horse to pull up their back feet, sweat, and have extreme difficulty with backing.
The only treatment is frequent work to keep muscles strong.
Having a friend to ride Clyde sure gives me extra peace of mind that we are doing all we can to keep him well.
And now for some other big news.
I am finally going bitless!!!
Rosie has ALWAYS fussed with the bit, excessively so.
The last time I rode she had copious amounts of salivation and was constantly rubbing her face on her leg. It made me so sad to realize the amount of discomfort she must be experiencing. We have tried every bit combination known to man and she constantly fusses. But when I lunge her without the bit, she is focused and r-e-l-a-x-e-d. Ya'll have been talking about it for so long... I guess I'm just slow.
I ordered the Dr. Cook's bitless bridle.
I know Juliette wouldn't steer me wrong.
But now... I WANT your advice.
Have you used the bitless bridle?
Anything I should do to introduce it to my mare?
Have I bitten off more than I can chew? (no pun)
All words of encouragement and/or warning are greatly appreciated!
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