Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordy Wednesdays

"Most dogs don't think they are human; they know they are."
-Jane Swann

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rosie Has a Job!

Spring has sprung...winter's over and it's time for my sweet mare to get a purpose in life. Thanks to trainer April, she should be tottin' my behind around in no time!

Friends of the Pack

"The Dogs of Cedar Creek Stables"


Tango and friend

....and the fabulous Uggy!
These are some of the dogs that live and work in a 50 plus horse barn. Cedar Creek trains and boards horses but they also have a wonderful therapeutic riding program called "Ride with Pride." Ride with Pride helps those with special needs to learn trust, peace and healing through horsemanship. But the dogs of Cedar Creek have a job too. They are always there to teach the horses how to co-exist with dogs without being fearful (that whole predator/prey thing,) as well as being there for all who need to give pets or dole out some love.You can connect with Ride with Pride on Facebook or learn more about them and Cedar Creek Stables at

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Perfect Winter Meal

Homemade Iron Skillet Chicken Potpie
Straight from the pages of the March Issue of Country Living.
*Modified, of course, to be gluten free by using cornstarch and Namaste gluten free pie crust mix.

How Do I Love Thee... Let Me Count the Ways!

Did I ever mention that I love these guys?
A friend of mine recently posed a question on Facebook... Why do we love our dogs?
Of course this question was rhetorical. I believe, one of her little rascals had just stolen her sandwich off the counter.
Still, it begs some serious consideration. Why do we love our dogs? They're our little fur babies, our best friends and truest allies. And to love them so deeply, is not to say that we don't love the "people" in our lives deeply too. It's simply different... equally real... and different. If I could point to one reason "why" I love my dogs (heck... all dogs...) it is that they love, unconditionally. As a Christian, I see it as a little mirror of the love God has for us. Dogs don't hold a grudge and no matter how rotten you are (or are acting) they are sincerely joyful at the very sight, smell and thought of you. They love you when you are unlovable.
So, having said that... why do you love dogs? Whether your dog in particular or dogs in general... what is it about them that makes your heart swell? I'm dying to read your comments. And for you "Dogs with Blogs" out there... maybe you can tell me what makes you love us.
* Notice* This is not a platform for you to manipulate your owner into giving you ham bones or any other extraneous food or toy rewards. From the heart hounds... from the heart.
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