Thursday, March 4, 2010

How Do I Love Thee... Let Me Count the Ways!

Did I ever mention that I love these guys?
A friend of mine recently posed a question on Facebook... Why do we love our dogs?
Of course this question was rhetorical. I believe, one of her little rascals had just stolen her sandwich off the counter.
Still, it begs some serious consideration. Why do we love our dogs? They're our little fur babies, our best friends and truest allies. And to love them so deeply, is not to say that we don't love the "people" in our lives deeply too. It's simply different... equally real... and different. If I could point to one reason "why" I love my dogs (heck... all dogs...) it is that they love, unconditionally. As a Christian, I see it as a little mirror of the love God has for us. Dogs don't hold a grudge and no matter how rotten you are (or are acting) they are sincerely joyful at the very sight, smell and thought of you. They love you when you are unlovable.
So, having said that... why do you love dogs? Whether your dog in particular or dogs in general... what is it about them that makes your heart swell? I'm dying to read your comments. And for you "Dogs with Blogs" out there... maybe you can tell me what makes you love us.
* Notice* This is not a platform for you to manipulate your owner into giving you ham bones or any other extraneous food or toy rewards. From the heart hounds... from the heart.


  1. I think for so many of us, our overwhelming love for dogs is simply innate. It's fundamentally just what makes me "me" -- like my my curly hair, my fear of bugs, or all 5 foot 2 inches of my height. I've loved dogs since before I could speak and if at moment I couldn't find a soft muzzle to cup in my hand, I would lose the greatest joy I have ever known.

    If I had to name an actual reason, I would have to say it's the unquestioning trust that dogs have in us. When a sleeping dog or puppy is curled next to you on the couch, think of the blind trust that animal has in you. We bring them into our homes and lives -- these strange and unfamiliar settings and situations -- yet from the first day, they don't fear us. They trust us so implicitly that even in cases where they are abused or mistreated, so many of them love and trust again. That kind of faith inspires me and never ceases to amaze me.

  2. There as many reasons as there are furs on my self!

    She saved me
    I repaid the favour by saving her


  3. Because they are not human, and lack all of the nasty trappings that we two-leggers bring to the table. Because they make us question our own values as we observe their simple approach to life. Because they make us grow.
    Because in a way, they introduced us to you...

  4. Awwwwww Rachel...what a great great post!!!!!
    We agree with you....
    our dogs are my life....I couldn't live without them.....
    they saved me......they give me wonderful time together....they put a smile on my face always....whatever happened....
    hey are my heart and my heart couldn't beat without their breathe.....
    They are ME and what I'am thanks to them!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We love you!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Unconditional LOVE!!! And, wagging tails!
    Great post, well stated. Blessings.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  6. Wow! But it eating and living habits are different or not...
    Dog ham bones

  7. I agree w/ Sierra Rose- the unconditional love! And it's so easy to make our furry friends happy! Just seeing the expression on Scout's face when I tell her we're going for a walk or car ride - you would think I told her she won the dog biscuit lottery!!

  8. All I can do is quote Aimee Mann: "Everyone loves you, how could they not?"

  9. Good point! I really like the cute pup on the right...LOVE those gray doggies!

  10. I love Olive...because..she never judges me, she listens to my every word..she likes to share my lunch at the park and take a long walk..even in the rain. We rescued Olive at 8 weeks old...but it is Olive that rescued us...I think mostly me. I needed her so much....she is making me a better person..reminding me of who I am everyday.

    Now..If I were Olive speaking as OLive right now...
    She may say..I love the long naps curled up with my people on the sofa...and at bedtime. I love the long walks we take even in the rain..I love the car rides with Mom taking the boys to school each day...Maybe she would say those things...She does I think in so many ways...

    Have a great rest of the week..

    Olive and Mom :)


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