Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friends of the Pack

"The Dogs of Cedar Creek Stables"


Tango and friend

....and the fabulous Uggy!
These are some of the dogs that live and work in a 50 plus horse barn. Cedar Creek trains and boards horses but they also have a wonderful therapeutic riding program called "Ride with Pride." Ride with Pride helps those with special needs to learn trust, peace and healing through horsemanship. But the dogs of Cedar Creek have a job too. They are always there to teach the horses how to co-exist with dogs without being fearful (that whole predator/prey thing,) as well as being there for all who need to give pets or dole out some love.You can connect with Ride with Pride on Facebook or learn more about them and Cedar Creek Stables at www.cedarcreekstables.us


  1. Oh my!

    Such a pawesome group!

    One of them surely khaught my eye!


  2. Cool program! When we lived in New York our neighbor had horses. They weren't afraid of our dogs, which was neat -- they would even sniff noses through the fence.

  3. A distinguished pack!
    Recently I did a post about a Therapeutic Riding Program in Illinois.


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