Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Sights and Sounds of 127!

This gal is tired of runnin'. My summer has been one of constant running around, seeing stuff and takin' names! But I have had a blast and wouldn't trade a minute! The Hwy. 127 Yard Sales was sooooo much fun... just two old friends, no husbands or kids, plenty of old junk and LOTS of laughs. Here are some images to hold us over until next year's sales. Check back here later and I will enchant you with stories of HGTV stalkers, fried pies and BARGAINS! Until next time my junky friends.


  1. SOMEDAY I'm going to attend this sale!!
    I say that every year but always miss it!

  2. Oh dear, i think i will have to take a Yard Sale 101 course..... what wonderful treasures.... alack, alas, they always seem to evade me (the treasures).. Maybe next year i will have to persuade your sis to go with me..and we could meet in Jamestown!! :)))


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