Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Oh Oliver, if you only knew!

It was summer, baseball season, and the last thing on his mind was the fairer sex. Oliver was looking forward to catching a game, watching his boy hit the white ball and possibly "convincing" someone out of their peanuts... but that's it!

After all, he's done this a million times before... pick up some dropped fries, retrieve some stray fly balls, get a belly rub. Standard stuff!

But then "she" walked in. With her cute little floppy ears and lovely dark eyes... Oliver was smitten. Her name, "Gracie." A named once formed on the lips of angels in heaven.

Oliver tried to play it cool. He wanted to ask if her face was hurting... because... it was killing him. Still he was so unsure... what if she rejected him... would he ever love another? Finally, after eating a little grass, he summoned all of his collective mojo and approached. Like two wild dogs, answering primal calls across a remote African savanna, their eyes locked. A primordial stirring welled inside Oliver and he knew that he had at once begun and finished his life's search. "Gracie" so preciously formed on the jowls, so easily woofed... his tail wagged... he play bowed... he went in for the sniff... and...and...

Not what he had hoped for!

It's a story as old as time. You approach the plate, get ready to swing and, STRIKE OUT! It could have been beautiful. He would have given her the moon and howled at it too. Oh Gracie, why... WHY?

HEY, was that a foul ball?

Post Script; Oliver is scheduled for his "mojoectomy" later this month.


  1. What a khute ALMOST happy ending tale/tail!

    But then again, maybe playing hard to get is the way to go!


  2. We have to agree - she is a cutie.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  3. wasn't expecting that ending... oh well, better luck next time

  4. Goes ta show ya that little gals can sure be fickle creatures. And, BTW, Scout would like you to know that even though his "boys" bit the dust years ago, he still has his mojo. He is all guy...even though he does have a thing for playing with a pink piggy☺

  5. Gracie was a sweet lookin girl. Maybe you will run into her again.


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