Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Awesome Era

Thanks to my very talented nephew, Will Kelly, I found this awesome BLOG from the Denver Post. This photo blog, posts a rare collection of color photos from 1939-1943 and manages to capture a point in history, in a way we have rarely ever seen before. The generation known as "The Greatest Generation" has always fascinated me. To see a nation survive the hardships of the Depression and then pull together so completely during times of war, is nothing short of awe inspiring... maybe even miraculous. But to be able to see images of the age in full color is an incredible experience. I encourage you to go take a look at the Denver Post photo blog and also at the wonderful artwork of my nephew Will on his blog "Drawing the Sword."

* Let's try that link again... click HERE


  1. Hey Rachel, Did they take that page down? I clicked on it and it won't find it. I also went to their blog page and couldn't find it either. I'd love to see the color pics from that era. Thanks.

  2. Joe I think I fixed it! Click on the word "HERE" at the bottom... enjoy too... it's so neat!

  3. THANKS! That worked and those pictures are really neat!!!


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