Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stacking Wood

Nothing in this family is ever done in quiet solitude... every minute of every day has, at the very least, some critter in it. My son, my husband, (yes sometimes they act like critters,) 3 dogs, 2 horses, 1 mini-mule... and anytime we start to stir outside... our neighbor's dog, are all a part of the happy chaos that is our household. So, would we be somberly stacking wood on this chilly October day? Quietly considering the role of humanity in nature or the space-time continuum...? No, not when you have 4 dogs and a 12 year old boy to help.

As you can see, Isabelle (the neighbor's dog) heard the wood delivery truck and naturally... came to lend a hand.
Our Weimaraner, Ruby, contemplates whether the recent delivery is the sole property of our family and thereby, should be protected.A pack discussion commences and...
After some hearty negotiations, and the ceremonial "sniffing of the rear"... a drink of water from the bird bath is offered! And in a gesture of unilateral friendship, Isabelle is invited to stay for the stacking of the wood.
Oliver, confounded, expresses his disdain and asks to go inside for a nap. But he should know... there's no rest for the weary here.

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