Friday, October 29, 2010


This was my lunch today! Lucky? Yes, I am. Those tomatoes are some of the last hangers-on of the tomato crew. They made it through last nights sub-freezing temps and onto my gluten free, grilled tomato and cheese sandwich. Those peppers in the background made it too but surely wouldn't survive tonight's anticipated low of 27 degrees. That pickle? Homemade, organic dill... from the hands belonging to my husband and me. Honestly... the BEST I've ever eaten!

And after lunch, a nice little trail ride with my friend Susan. The cool weather had this little girl acting a little too peppy for my liking! I think she may be getting a bit "stall bound." She could care less about where her buddies are, but she LOVES that stall and can't get back to it quick enough. The ride out... pleasant. The ride back... a real lip ripper! Husband and I are gonna take her out for a longer more challenging ride tomorrow and hopefully she'll be too tired for her rambunctious little trot home.


  1. How fun, though! The weather here is finally turning nice to go riding - we are taking advantage of every minute of it!


  2. Yum on the food!! Yikes on the ride!! Hopefully today's ride is more enjoyable :) Did I ever mention I loooove your playlist? Enjoy your weekend! -Tammy


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