Wednesday, October 27, 2010

These are my new muck boots! Aren't they precious? What's not to love about them really? They're pink, They're brown, They have horses!
Of course there was a time, (seems like ages ago,) when I wouldn't have been caught dead in these little beauties. Why, you ask? Well... I was once a bit of a clothing snob. Hard to admit, but true. I guess, 5 years of wearing an Air Force uniform everyday can change a girl. Then as all Mommies know, all clothes must be snot resistant and easily wash and wear. Then pile on the dogs, the horses... more snot...
Today Anne Marie at Nada Farm Life posted the LOVELIEST Ralph Lauren fashions!
It's enough to make a wanna-be Gypsy/Cowgirl faint!
Of course, after seeing that I began to ponder... when did I replace Saks with Tractor Supply as my favorite clothier?!
And now for some pictures of my favorite "pondering" spot... my screened-in porch.

We'll be eating our homemade veggie-beef soup and jalapeno cornbread here today!
I love this little bench. It's traveled the whole country with me and now resides on my beloved porch.
Ohhhh, how I love to wile away the hours in that swing...
And yes, that's my saddle rack. Why isn't it at the barn with the horses? Well besides them being some of the most monetarily valuable things I own, I just love to look at them. They make me feel like a real horsewoman! Dale Evans, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, etc. In fact I think I'll go out and have rodeo/Ralph Lauren wearing/Montana Sky/Gypsy Caravaning Queen daydreams right now!


  1. Your muck boots are a whole lot better lookin' than mine :).


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