Monday, May 4, 2009

All About Your Doggie Health

Oh dear friends... with all the health concerns in the world... who among us has not also worried about our own pet's health as well? Dog's are often susceptible to the same chronic diseases as humans (i.e. allergies, cancer,diabetes,) yet their care, often, is not as advanced as what we can seek for ourselves. With very limited options for treating these illnesses in animals... what can we do? For my dogs as well as my human family, the best option has to be preventive care. Obviously, the foods we eat play a large role in caring for our health long term. And once again, monetary concerns are evident when we choose the right foods. Organic and natural ingredients seem the best option but are often very expensive. So what's a Mom (doggie or people,) to do? Well, research... I submit... is the key to providing a quality, nourishing diet for your pack. So, as I research the best and most affordable options for our "pack" health... I want to show you what I have recently found.

Recently, I received a coupon in the mail for a free bag of Eukanuba puppy food. Many fellow doggie Moms swear by the brand (especially show dog Mommies,) and I have often considered the brand but, with money being tight... I have never bought. Eukanuba is a little pricey but the ingredients are outstanding. Veterinarians often carry the line in their offices and the company has specific formulations geared toward specific breeds such as "spaniels," or "retrievers." They are also carrying a line of food that simulates a "wild diet." Items such as salmon, (given to sled dogs in Alaska for countless years,) is one ingredient in their line... and we all know the benefits of Omega 3's no? So, with coupon in hand I headed to Petsmart for my free bag. I just started feeding it to my pups (yes I still consider Ruby a pup,) so I will have to give a later review of the food. We will see if it truly merits its price tag.
So, what if there is no Petsmart in your town in which to purchase these "boutique" brands of dog food?Certainly one can get good dog food at the Supermarket. But, if you are looking for organic ingredients or want a more holistic approach to feeding Fido then look no further than your own fridge, garden or backyard. In a previous article I explained why wheat is banned from our home but it might not be a bad idea to banish it from your dog's diet too. The two most common allergens in dogs are wheat and beef. So, even if your dog has no reactions to these products... one has to wonder if there isn't something completely unnatural about feeding these things to your beloved pet?Many dog lovers out there are opting to go with the BARF diet instead of buying their pup's food in the dog food isle. BARF is basically a "raw" foods diet that involves feeding your dog the things that would he would most closely be eating if he were a wild dog, in other words... natural. Groomer Ang at feeds her pups with this motto and they are lovely specimens. It's always interesting to hear what's on their meal plan... liver, chicken etc. Obviously, dog cannot live by meat alone. BARF advocates suggest that your dog's diet, in order to be balanced, should be supplemented with fruits, veggies and whole grains such as oats and brown rice. All of these foods could be cheaply attained by harvesting from a backyard garden or hunting wild game or even picking them up at the grocery. With my own hounds, I implement some elements from this diet and feed them wild turkey, organic eggs, fruits, and veggies with their store bought dog food. This extends the dog food and gives them some extra anti-oxidant rich foods at the same time.
Of course we have the best of intentions for our dogs but it can sometimes be a maze of information on what's okay for them and what's not. Certain foods that are okay for people are not okay for dogs. If there is a question about what's good and what's not, you can always turn to the Humane Society,( for up to date info on what is safe and what isn't. The Humane Society also maintains a list of pet food recalls... always good to know. Information site, "Whole Dog Journal," is a good source for everything doggie and I understand that they provide an annual review of organic and natural dog foods, to help you get the most for your money. Also, another site that I am LOVING is This site gives access to all types of info for your pet which you might have to otherwise seek veterinary help for. They are like a WebMD for dogs and they even have a way to chat online with a veterinarian for any questions you may have. Think of the money that could save! So, I will let ya'll know how the new "free" food went down and until then... chow down hounds.


  1. Even though I don't feed raw, I do supplement their diet daily with different types of protein. The breeder that I purchased Lilly from makes all of her own dog food, shampoo, etc and I have adapted several of her practices. They seem to work well as my dogs are extremely healthy - our vet says picking up one of my Scotties is like picking up a cinderblock with a head on it. To keep a dog as healthy as you can, one must feed it the best diet they can.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Please stop by our bloggie. We have an award for you.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java


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