Friday, May 29, 2009

A Weeks Work

I had no idea that it could take so long to put in a floor but... it was a labor of love and... it did! For 7 days we worked a solid 10 hours a day installing the world's most beautiful floor. Of course, we are not completely finished. Some coats of polyurethane are in order and we will have to do that over the course of about 36 hours to give adequate drying time. All dogs, kids and furniture are going to have to take a hike! We are thinking about an over nighter, in a motel, with a pool. A mini vacation if you will. This photo doesn't show the detail in this fabulous floor either. It is so rustic, showing nail holes and irregularities, and I love it! Problem now... I have to paint these dark western cedar walls. I have already primered and painted the red ceiling, (YUCK,) and the new "country white" shade makes the room so much lighter. And, in the meanwhile, my beauty of a floor remains under wraps in pink rosin paper to avoid damage before treating. Then there's the kitchen which still requires a bit of work, not the least of which is the wood floor in there. But some good news... crisis averted... my stainless apron sink now fits in the cabinet! Initially it didn't, in spite of the cabinet person at Home Depot having the measurement. The problem was that the sink measurement from the company (we ordered online at,) wasn't accurate and maybe didn't consider the added measurement of the edges? But my Dad, carpenter extraordinaire and his trusty assistant... my hubby... did an awesome job cutting the cabinet down to accommodate the sink. I love the clean lines of it and am thrilled with the way it will fit into my kitchen decoration, (stay tuned for more of that later.) Did I mention that the sink was $500.00 less than any other apron sink I found... still a splurge but not totally extravagant. Then there's my other favorite kitchen bargain, my kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls.These beauties came from Ebay but look like vintage or Pottery Barn and were in NO way that expensive.
The reproduction glass knobs look like depression era pulls but are so much less expensive than those would be. These knobs were under $2.00 a piece which is unheard of for new pulls, much less antique. The brushed stainless pulls were under $4.00 a piece and are heavy and high quality. These same pulls are listed at Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and home improvement stores for between $8.00 to $10.00 a piece. That's a serious savings, especially if you have lots of drawer banks in your cabinetry! So, tomorrow we start again. Check back for some hopeful signs of completion... too bad Dad's gone!

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