Friday, May 29, 2009

More Summer Fun with the Pooches

Okay so we all know that summer fun means doing stuff at a slower pace... especially in the south. Summer heat just doesn't allow for anything too intense. This, of course holds true for the doggies as well. You all know... I'm sure... that Fluffy and Fido need to stay cool just like you. Plenty of fresh water and fresh air are a must for the pups. Of course sometimes a trip to the local (dog friendly) swimming hole is in order. However there are those days when sitting in some cool AC is all you can muster. One of our favorite family summertime activities, in the AC, is sitting down to watch a movie. AHHH what fun! But we all know that Fido isn't allowed in the movie theater so... now what? Well being dog lovers you know there is usually an angle that will allow you to enjoy your favorite activities with your pooch. So, without further adieu... here are my suggestions for movie nights that have "gone to the dogs."

1. Rent a movie. We recently rented Hotel for Dogs and really enjoyed it. My son loved all the kid action and cute dogs, while the pack barked at the whimpers and howls onscreen. I personally liked that there was that element of "teenish flick" which brought me back to this...
Ah Ducky, and a pink Carmengia!

... but there was also a little element of this too...

Who doesn't love some puppy romance?

Staying in with the pack can be very rewarding indeed. (You might also take this opportunity to teach your pup to catch popcorn in the air... one of Ruby's favorite tricks!)

2. Have you considered the great American tradition of "driving-in?" Of course there aren't as many drive-ins around as there once were, but they are experiencing a resurgence and you might just have one close by. (Check out and you could be surprised to find one close to you.) The great news about the drive-in is that dogs are usually allowed too. Here's our local drive-in... "Hull's." (

We love to make a picnic supper of cold fried chicken with Cokes and popcorn from the concession stand. We set up our chairs, blankets and pillows in the back of the pickup and play games while we wait for dark to come. You really can't beat it for doggie socializing opportunities either. There are plenty of other dogs to sniff, strange noises to get used to (people honk their horns when a birthday is announced and of course... dogs start howlin',) lots of open space for a little pre-movie frisbee and of course cuddling up on the blankets once the movie starts. All and all drive-ins are awesome for the whole pack (and P.S. it's pretty cheap too!)
3. Most local communities have really caught on to the idea of open air entertainment. A small town near us is providing free movies on a big screen in the park, every Friday in the summer. Since the dogs already go there for walks and doggie get-togethers, it is only natural that they come for movies too. And truly, if your dog is a bit noisy... it won't be noticed. These outside family activities are often more social that informative (movies are usually older ones that you've probably already seen, and don't have to fear missing the dialogue...) and a little dog noise will blend right in. Of course as with most activities you and your dog share... courtesy for the public is a must... have a leash and pick up your poop... nuff said.)
So, having said all that... I am going to Blockbuster, then my hometown website (to look at the free movie list) and the drive-in homepage to get my summer fun all in order. I'll blog ya'll later!


  1. We almost rented Hotel for Dogs, but Sola barks at every dog on TV, so we decided to spare our hearing :)
    We still have a drive-in here, but I think its days are numbered...

  2. A drive in movie sounds like fun - it's been years since I've been to one.

    The Scotties loved Hotel for Dogs, but Java doesn't watch TV so he didn't pay any attention to it.

    Have a fun weekend.

  3. I need to rent Hotel For Dogs! We actually have 2 drive-ins here, within 20 miles of one another! Guess we're lucky!

  4. hello darlin' i love love love your blog...i am now a doggy mom...we take our new older baby everywhere...he is such a spoiled baby now i have a new blog to talk about life with our it...thanks for swingin by and the your blog!cat

  5. I took my 7 year old to see Hotel for Dogs a few months ago and just loved it. We have a 4 year old min. dachshund, she looks just like the one on your memorial day post!
    -amy @ trailer trash


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