Monday, May 18, 2009

My Humble Abode.

Dear friends, isn't it true that your home reflects who you are? Your home is your respite from the storm and the central command of your life. A friend once told that her Pastor encouraged his parishioners to make their homes reflect their Christian identity, so that when anyone walked in they would know immediately that they had entered a Christian home. That of course could mean many things. A cross hung on the wall or an air of a quiet and gentle spirit could both effectively achieve that end. So, your "youness" is in both your chochkees as well as the feeling within. The joy and pride you take in your home are as reflective as the knic-knacs on your shelf. So, what does the Duchess's' home have to say?

Being that I am in what seems like a perpetual state of "remodel" one could assume that my life is chaotic and cluttered. Certainly I do feel as undone, sometimes, as my dining room table...

Open walls are much like the vulnerability I feel in showing my home with warts and all. But everything changes and I, like my home, am trying to steadily make myself better...

From this to this...

... and getting better all the time. But it is the beauty of God's creation that shows how flawed we all are. So, even our feeblest attempts at creating beauty will always show God's superiority.

Hopefully, ya'll find... in this blog... a home reflective of an imperfect child of God , that wants to show her love and gratitude for God's perfect creation.

1 comment:

  1. I love those thoughts you shared.... so true... our imperfections only magnify His perfection...
    Your sweet sister has taught me so many beautiful ways to reflect my personality and the things i love in my efforts at remodeling....and i am looking forward to seeing what happens in the life of the Dutchess of Deerfield....:)


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