Friday, May 8, 2009

A Weekend Away.

Okay so who isn't ready for Mother's Day? Well maybe my husband... but not me! I can't wait for blueberry pancakes, planting flowers (ya'll keep your paws crossed that Oliver doesn't go behind me and dig them all up,) and... working my "tail" off, on a kitchen remodel?! Well it's true folks... my kitchen is gutted and it must be rebuilt. So, I will be taking a few days of pure concentration to help my sweet husband complete this daunting project and as such... I will be away from "blogoland" for a bit. However, I am hoping... after countless months of slaving over a "mouthy, back-sassin'" computer that I may be coming back to ya'll with something fresher and renewed. See... I've had my eye on one of those awesome little "net-books," and I am hoping one might await me on Mother's Day... (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean honey?) A new computer would allow me to make all those little tweeks I've been dying to make to this blog. So, wish me luck and to all you Mommies out there... people and doggie... Happy Mother's Day! And now... some cuteness to hold you over!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you. It's nice to get to do what we want to complete a project, even if it does require hard work.


  2. Happy Mother's Day! Hope you get what you want.

  3. Thanks for the dose of cuteness...hope you had a great Mother's Day :)

  4. Hope your Mother's day was what you hoped for. =)


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