Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alas, More Random

Okay so I realize that my photos aren't the best but... I was hoping that this one would show the light shining down from Heaven on this magnificent beverage!
This is my new drink obsession.
The Iced Lavender/Mint White Chocolate Mocha
Hear that?
That's a chorus of angels singing Alleluia!
I know it sounds weird but it truly is delightful.

THIS is only a small portion of the plates I purchased at a yard sale 2 weeks ago.
They are Shenango China and match a set of diner platters which I have already.'
I love them.
All told I got about 50 pieces of this stuff, with 30 being plates, for $10!!!!!
There's that ALLELUIA again.
I will be sharing some with my best friend, Michaela.
(What do you think girl... aren't these awesome?!)

Yes, this picture is blurry. Don't adjust your screen.
BUT I had to show you the most wonderful, moist and flavorful gluten free bread that I have eaten to date.
They carry it at the Kroger bakery now too.
Oh glory Alleluia.

This is how work gets done around here. Just thought the school district might want photographic evidence that, even though unconventional, we DO get some school work done from time to time.

And finally a photo of my extremely talented nephew Will. This is really about some shameless promotion right here!
I just think his art is amazing and wish ya'll would go take a look sometime.
He's funny too.

Busy days. I am finally, REALLY writing that project I have dreamed about for years. At least 2 hours, most days of the week.
I am so scared.
Thoughts and prayers please.


  1. That drink sounds de-lightful. I am very thirsty for one but alas my coffee shop closed at noon... :( Good to hear from you!

  2. Iced Lavender/Mint White Chocolate Mocha.... really?? How many weight watcher points in that? lol, it sounds yummy. That's funny because 2 co-workers and I were just talking at lunch about lavendar chocolate bars at walmart. yes, walmart!! And only 3 ww points each - alleluia to that and I'm gonna get me one after work. Here's to fabulous finds and simple pleasures.

    Your nephew's art is amazing!! And prayers for a wonderful, successful writing project... sending good thoughts. You can DO it! -Tammy

  3. Iced Lavender/Mint White Chocolate Mocha...now that's different :).

  4. Sounds yummy-Lavender--wow! I love it when I score finds at yard sales. I'm going to start going to some around here as soon as the weather is half way normal again. I can't wait!! Good luck with your writing.

  5. I have been wanted to commented that the icy drink photo is so deliciously yummy looking. Never did I expect it to have those ingredients! Wow! Sounds perfect. Also, the diner plates are the very best! What a find!

  6. Ooou.....the Lavender sounds dellish!
    You go girl...all kinds of thoughts, prayers, vibes, whistles coming from Oregon!

    Sure lived the homework stance, a dog always helps the work get done!

  7. I think that drink is very inspiring -- sip and write, sip and write! Best of luck with your writing, please send some of those thoughts back my way, too! May is my procrastination deadline. :)


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