Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Time Away

Todd the Mule
Who names a mule Todd? I'm not sure but oddly... it fits him.
Last week we took a little trip to North Georgia for a family reunion and we got to meet this guy, the newest member of our clan. My Dad got him for some back country trips.
I couldn't wait to put an English saddle on him and make him a proper gentleman.
With a name like Todd he has to have an English saddle!

My nieces were adorable in their little dresses and proper ladylike riding helmet.

Later I got to take him for a little spin.
I am used to riding Rosie English style, and my Clyde is so good he'll steer any old way. So, I had a little communication problem with Todd. His neck reining and my confusion had him backing and turning. I had to get off, calm down and remount. He was very forgiving though and the rest of our ride was pleasant. My Mom took this photo as Todd asked to come up and say hello to her. He was very curious about the camera.
All in all he has a nice little walk and quite a smooth ride.
He is so stinkin' cute too, no? Can't wait to ride him again.

And a parting shot of 2 of the crew. All the dogs came to Georgia on this trip and got to run my parent's farm from one end to the other. A great time was had by all.


  1. Todd is such a cute & handsome guy! I always say if I were to have any animal to ride, it would be a mule (although I have always loved horses too!). Cute pics, and I love the sunflower dress/boots and pooches! :) -Tammy

  2. Todd is too cute! I secretly want a mule too. . .shhhhhh, don't tell my ponies. I've never ridden one but the rumor is that they are super athletic and I would love to try one on a cow :).

  3. Todd is adorable - and what a name!!!! I will have a mule someday. I love them.

  4. At least he wasn't named Joe ;). LOL! My Great Granddad use to tell me stories about all the mules they had when he was grwoing up.


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