Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Note on Being Brave

Do you have a moment you are facing now that is forcing bravery upon you?
Are you choosing to press your comfort, and stand against that which frightens you but you refuse to let win?
Flower Patch Farmgirl recently posed these questions and the response was, well, overwhelming.
So many of us struggle with burdens great and small. All a part of mortality. But God doesn't put fear in our hearts, instead fear is a tool of evil that forces doubt and incapacity on us all.
God puts peace, rest, wisdom on us. Surrounds us in it.

Today the Flower Patch Farmgirl presents a brilliant idea, an event really, and calls it A National... neigh an International... Day of Bravery. Of those who responded to her post on bravery, she is asking us to pray for one another. Specifically, she suggested we pray for the person who commented just before us.

My sister, I've read, is wrestling with the fears from divorce, raising children as a single Mom, and opening a business she desperately longs to succeed. Sister, I'm praying for you.

Here's what I am being brave about right now... at the age of 38, I am entering the world of horsemanship for the first time.
I've wanted it as long as I can remember.
I want to be brave and confident and loving with my horses, while always doing good and never doing harm.
Sounds easy but I struggle mightily at times.

What are you being brave about today?

Leave me a comment and I will pray for your needs too!
It's a day to be brave after all... "The International Day of Bravery!"


  1. Rachel - Thank you for your wonderful encouragement and sweet words. I wish the best for you on your journey.
    "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." ~Eleanor Roosvelt.


  2. Praying and thinking strong thoughts for you, Rachel. Bravery is easier when the the thing you fear is sliced up into tiny, baby bites. Take it s-l-o-w and fear won't be able to wait around for your calm, relaxed pace. Fear will be long gone, quickly running off to haunt someone who is racing around in a hurry.

  3. Lovely thoughts and actions to be taken~all through the POWER OF GOD through prayers!
    Thankyou for the inspiration to face down my simple fears of follow through. I get bogged and weighted and overwhelmed.

    Love to you, and Prayers dear~(with a little of that nice smelling, pink, horse conditioner- over the top!)

  4. What a great idea! I will pray your horse dreams become what you want them to be. By the way, Have you read the LIttle Britches series, by Ralph Moody- excellent horse books! True stories, too.

    I'm praying about being brave with a new lifestyle I'm trying to adopt: making healthier food choices, exercising, and saying "No" to things that don't benefit me mentally, spiritually , and/or physically.

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers :)


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