Sunday, February 13, 2011

What a Beautiful Day for Some Girl Bonding

Finally! A lovely day, weather wise, snow gone... sun shining. Time for a ride. BUT, what happens when the sun shines and the snow melts? Mud.
Look at little Ms. Pigpen! First heavy-duty grooming then a ride.

All clean. We need a photo to document our girls day.

Can we get the whole face in here?

No seriously... get your WHOLE face in here.

Better. Helmets on.

Rosie's ready. No more paparazzi please.
Get on the horse already!

Ahh. The Rosie eye view... or should I say, "Pigpen"?


  1. Bet you had a great time! Our horses are as muddy as the pigs at our farm.

  2. Cute pictures. The green tack is pretty on your horse.

  3. She cleaned up well!
    We are a sea of mud around here as well. Ah, spring!

  4. Hooray!!!! A good day for a ride and photos and mud and fun! I love that green bridle and the ear shot is the best ever. Isn't it great to be riding? - goodbye winter!

  5. Ha! It's hard to self-document isn't it. You did a good job - cute pix. You are lucky your horse has a lovely petite head - my guy is a bit of a blockhead - a darling dear blockhead - so fitting us both in pictures is challenging lol.

    Glad you got to ride - hoping the weather keeps getting better!!


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