Monday, February 7, 2011

Just One Day

If I could imagine a perfect day,
one without worry or fear.
I would ride thunderously from hill to hill.
While weaving myself through warm, smooth withers.

I would sleep the blissful slumber of a child.
Unfettered and pure.
Curled around the little heartbeats of God's creation.

I would embrace those I love,
And say I love you.
Without expectation.

I would unpeel my mortal coil and laugh,
the whole, deep laughter that sits in the bottom of your belly waiting for a chance to be free.

I would breath and eat and drink with the purpose of pleasure and just be.

What would you do with just one day?


  1. I would take a trail ride with a friend on a sunny May morning with no particular destination--just enjoying being on the horse and in the outdoors. And then I would hang out at the barn, because I love barns--the smell, the dogs, the barn cats, the hay--all of it

  2. I would ride right off our property and just keep walking through all the fields. I have always wanted to get on and just go - walking, but never stop.

  3. First, I love the look on your son's face...such a boy, LOL!

    One day....I have no idea....except get in my big ol' suv, put back the sunroof..crank up the toons...and drive to the Smokies!

  4. I'm loving the Rosey wallpaper here and your outlook as well!Your prose and pictures really gave me a smile and a laugh(second sons face~)

    Firstly~the day would be cheery and bright with sunlight that radiated inwardly to my core. I would spemnd the morning with my man walking the streets of our city with coffee in hand..then, I would ride the mare down mossy green paths of delight, with my lovely friends and their steeds. Her highblowing and me Praising God for the ending of this day would be as delightful as the begining . And that would be coming home to a family dinner and nice outdoor fire in the yard!

  5. Beautiful images!

    What would I do? Sit on an empty beach and breathe and stretch in the sun...feel the salt air lick my face, hear the waves foam and crest. all day.


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