Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Style!

Someone (named Juliette from Honeysuckle Faire) thinks I'm stylish!
Apparently, she tried to let me know about this fab-o prize before BUT every time she viewed my blog her electronic devices would explode!
What can I say... I have that effect on people.
In fact, when I walk by towel racks, they fall right off the walls.
What is about me that causes inanimate objects to fling themselves into oblivion???

If I'm correct, Juliette styled this little bloggy button herself, as she is talented that way, and it is just a lovelier version of the award that I received previously. Having said that, I will spare you the random and odd facts about myself. Instead, I will say that Juliette has captured the vision that I have of myself, in my mind's eye... only in "ginger" version. Could you see me rockin' that look on horseback? I can. In my mind's eye.
So, I think having received a little snippet of Juliette's vision and wanting to be that stylish, if only in my mind's eye, I will post this award on my sidebar... to look at everyday... and envision me self as the spiffy little lass in the picture. On horseback. With a cup of coffee. :)


  1. How fun Rachel - and what a great idea wearing this get-up on horseback!!!
    I am glad I am finally able to see your blog entirely - I was only able to catch glimpses before.
    The gadgets on your sidebar are the very best...I am honored to have my design join in.

  2. i like your blog!!

    thanks for checking out mine too!!!


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