Wednesday, February 2, 2011

(image courtesy Golden Girl of the West)


Do you ever dream of riding the range?
Poking the cows?
Tumblin' like a lonesome tumblin' weed?
Do you ever think of yourself, riding your valiant steed while the sunset frames your pincurls like a halo?
Trusty cowboy by your side?
Sidearm cradled by your perfectly manicured, crimson nailed, hand?
Loyal dog "Hank" scarin' up varmints on the trail?
Coffee on an open fire... enjoyed while wrapped in the thickest Navajo blanket?

I do.


  1. Oh I LOVE that picture! Nice poem too. Favorite line - "Sidearm cradled by your perfectly manicured, crimson nailed, hand"

  2. I found your blog through Honeysuckle Faire--I got an award too! :) I wanted to ask about your "keep Calm and Ride Horses" button. It's so cool...I want it on a t-shirt!! Did you create it and if so maybe you should take it over to zazzle or cafepress.

  3. Oh, what a fun image and poem. Thank you for sharing!


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