Friday, January 22, 2010

Chicken Allergy?

Yes, you read correctly... Ruby is allergic to chicken. Okay I've been writing my little heart out about wheat, and beef allergies. I have examined many a different diet and expounded upon the benefits of a natural whole food diet for your doggie. But, HELLO, chicken!? Poor miss Ruby was sick for several months... coughing, weird tummy gurgles, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss... but finally after a trip to the vet and discovery that she was allergic to something?... we narrowed it down to chicken. CHICKEN! So now she is on a very specific diet, as many of your dogs may also be, and we have to be very mindful of treats. Since going on "Blue" Lamb and Brown Rice we have seen Ms. Ruby gain weight and start looking well again. It is a challenge to find a commercial dog food without any chicken products but I live to testify... it's out there. In order to put some weight back on, we have also supplemented Ruby's diet with this...

Homemade Ground Lamb, Venison and Brown Rice

As far as treats go... we have found a "Greenie" type treat at Tractor Supply and a gourmet shop on Etsy that makes the most special vegetarian dog treats ( more details later.) But what about you? Any weird allergies out there? What do you do to make your pup the healthiest they can be? Any non-chicken treats that you're just crazy about? Let us know. We would love to hear from you.



    The nice Mrs Gerri will work with woo fur pawtikhular allergies too!

    I'm glad woo figured it out and had started her bakhk on the road to good health!

    PeeEssWoo: HAPPY HEARTS!!!!

  2. I was gifted a book of hundreds of recipes for doggie meals/treats from a wonderful couple with whom I helped place a service dog. If you would like me to search through it for recipes with very specific ingredients and without chicken, just let me know what you need. Our address is on the site.

  3. Guess I'm lucky-seems like I can eat just about anything-but Parental Unit is very picky about my food (me, not so much) I get Innova dry food and most days some canned Organix, but there's lots of chicken and tukey in it.
    We'd love to hear how you narrowed it down to chicken?

  4. Woo - chicken is tough. We eat Eagle Pack foods, but several varieties - chicken being one of them (though we all go crackerdog for the Anchovy!). We also eat Lamb and Duck a lot.

  5. My dogs can eat just about anything, but the breeder where I got my first Scottie made all of her dog's food. And she got me started on feeding my dogs boiled eggs, pumpkin and cottage cheese. Plus occasionally I make them some brown rice with meat and vegetables - usually broccoli or peas with carrots. They love this! But their favorite treat is raw carrots. I don't get those mini carrots because I feel they have preservatives in them. I just buy a 5 pound bag of carrots, peel and wash them as I need them and give them chunks of it. They can hear a carrot being peeled from anywhere in the house or yard and come running to get it.

    Good Luck,

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwww sweety..........
    we're glad you're encreasing your weight and doing well!!!!
    Poor baby!!!!
    We're lucky because we haven't allergy....our mommy give us fresh food and for our 2nd meal of the day we eat baked (In the oven) meat with bread and rice or pasta more 2 oil spoon and cheese!!!
    WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    you could try too and it have lots of calories to help you gain weight!!!
    Good luck baby!!!!
    HAve a wonderful weekend!!

  7. Allergies--what a pain. Mya had allergies in CA but we never figured out exactly what they were. Sometimes we thought maybe she was allergic to grass--but we were around a lot of orchards so it may have been something in the air. We didn't do any testing because we were moving and just hoped it would be better here. We gave her pills that were very expensive... So far it's good up here but we still feed lamb and rice.

  8. Glad things are on the mend!! What a drag about the chicken!
    No known allergies yet for me...we'll see though...

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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