Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Was a Winner Once?

Oh I feel like such a cotton headed-ninnymuggins! I was recently perusing The Farm Chicks blog... I'm a regular stalker... and I came across a post from last Augusta, declaring ME a winner of a sweet giveaway!
Silly me, I didn't even know.
It was a precious little apron stencil for cakes and the like... so cute.
Now I must ask ya'll, would it be appropriate for me to try and claim last years prize? I mean I feel like a real heel!
I promise I am a die-hard stalker... I just don't know how I missed it!


  1. OK what did you decide to do?? I would probably ask, just due to the fact only a stalker would be reading back to August!

  2. That is TRAGIC! I would go ahead and email her. Ya never know!

  3. I would pursue it! FO SHO!


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