Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Someone thinks I'm stylish... in spite of my recent penchant for buying my clothes at Tractor Supply!
My buddies at Calm, Forward,Straight think I gots it!
Well you should go check them out because they are the ones who really got it going on... training in classical dressage... my how I admire the beauty, oneness and courage of both horse and rider. And that Val, well he is really a sight to behold. What a stunning horse!
But as part of my reward there are responsibilities, duties and such..

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

I don't think I can fully fulfill #3. But I do have a few bloggers that I REALLY want ya'll to check out and I'll mention them after I tell you the squimishly random facts about myself.

1. I am an Air Force vet. I served for 5 years as an Air Force avionics technician on F-15's. My last duty station was at the beautiful and incredible Elmendorf AFB Alaska.
2. While stationed at Elmendorf, I lived in Wasilla. Sarah Palin once admired my baby son at a Burrough Council meeting. Ahhhh, brushes with celebrity! :)
3. I hate Mayonnaise!
4. I'm a redhead. A "ginger" as the kids call it.
5. My life's dream, yet realized, is to see Ireland.
6. I'm a homeschool Mom.
7. I am a trained historian and once worked at a WWII history archive where I digitized a personal collection of photos taken by the man George S. Patton, himself. They had his hand writing on the back and it was so amazing... almost like meeting the man in person.

So here are some bloggers that I REALLY want you to visit.

1. The most amazing and talented artist I know.
2. A Hunter/Outdoorsman with a respect and admiration of wildlife.
3. A decorator, designer, artist and fellow horse lover.
4. A quirky Mommy who's style I adore and would imitate, if I were more of a hipster!
5. A true horsewoman! She has taught me so much about horsemanship and I am excited to read what she to say, everyday.
6. Oh how I love her beautiful little farmhouse, and gorgeous horses, and commitment to homeschooling and.....!
7. A Montana Farmgirl, with the best recipes IN THA WORLD!
8. I just love her mini donkeys Ruby and Gracie... and the music of her talented son.
9. Mother to Arabians... need I say more?
10. Teaching me what it means to truly be in touch with my horse.

Okay 10's all I can do.
There are so many more but many have already been hit on by other bloggers or just wouldn't talk about themselves or are probably so popular that you know them already. But I thank all of you who give me this creative outlet for venting and sharing. And believe it... I love reading your venting and teaching and sharing too. Every last one of ya!


  1. Thanks (blushes)!

  2. eeep! thank you so much rachel. what a sweet honor, from one ginger and mayonnaise hater to another! haha.

  3. THANK YOU Rachel :)!!! I really appreicate the shout out.

  4. Rachel... thank you bunches!! That was so sweet. I also loved your very interesting list!! I am completely honored, and I always enjoy what you have to say (and show) here on your lovely blog. Thank you again, dear blogger friend :) I've been a terrible blog-slacker lately, but hopefully soon life will return to normal (or some semblance thereof). Hugs, Tammy & Ruby & Gracie (the Fiddler sends his thanks too!)

  5. Thanks Rachel! You're so very nice to think of me.
    I love your seven facts list. Military....thank you. Redhead...awesome. (used to be more of a redhead, but it's going very brown on me these days. With a smattering of wiry gray popping up here and there.) Homeschooler....you have every ounce of respect I can muster. (I pretend homeschooled my oldest for a year.) Ireland....I can't imagine a prettier place in the world.
    How fun to learn these tidbits!

  6. Thank you so very much! I am delighted to be included :)
    I am a "ginger" too! We gotta stick together!
    xo, misha


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