Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hero Hounds

I am a huge fan of those heroes who defend us and protect the defenseless throughout the world. But I have to say I have a huge chunk of my heart dedicated to the fabulous fighting K-9. Their loyalty and bravery are far too unsung. The AP reports that Iraqi defense forces recently requested that more of these brave dogs, be rushed to the region for bomb sniffing purposes at security checkpoints. Roughly 150 trained K-9's will be sent to the region with 25 arriving this week. This comes in spite of a cultural belief, in the region, that dogs are filthy animals unworthy of intensive care and training. I say... kudos to these heroic dogs and their handlers! What say you dog lovers?


  1. grrreat post! Much respect for these working pups,

  2. Truly amazing and inspiring! Wonder where the training facilities are.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. I agree 100% and these pups don't get enough recognition!

  4. They do such pawesome and snooferifikh work!


  5. I have to heartily agree with you. We have a drug sniffing dog that shows us how she works at our Ruritan Club - it is an annual event. She is absolutely amazing - and more amazing is that she was taught the commands in Dutch and her handler had to learn them.

    Salutes to these wonderful canines and their handlers.

  6. Great great post dear friends!!!
    Sure those dogs do a wonderful and a very very important job!!!!
    We're proud of them!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    HAve a wonderful weekend guys!!!
    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. We met a US Marine human handler a year or so ago - still gives us chills listening to how proudly he spoke of his canine and how the dog prevented that Marine and a squadron behind him from stepping on an IED. Impressive.

  8. Awesome. Just found out Ruby's half-sister has been certified as K9 drug detection dog. So very proud of all our working dogs. :)


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