Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blogging for Bliss?

Am I a Mommy blogger? Well, yes I am... in that I blog and I'm a Mommy. But let's be honest, sometimes my life isn't all peaches and cream. Being a Mommy doesn't always feel like the best job on Earth and blogging isn't always blissful. Sometimes looking at all those beautiful, motivational, inspirational blogs out there makes me feel, well, inadequate. This is no pity party I'm putting on here. I think ya'll probably feel that way too sometimes. And I know I'm not inadequate. I'm just tired sometimes. And a little less than sparkly on most days. I mean, true confessions here, I find no joy in washing my dishes. I know some of you do and that's great but... And as much as I like my creative side, creative doesn't always pay the bills. Do ya'll know what I'm saying here? I too believe in contentment, but I have to work towards it everyday and sometimes it's a struggle. I also believe that contentment will only be found in the Lord. So, thank him that he knows me and loves me in spite of my daily doubts and fears. Can I get an AMEN? Therefore I hope to take this blog in a different direction. I want to talk real with you ladies and gents. Life isn't always blissful. But I admire all of you for working through it and producing beauty and talent to inspire me. And hopefully, I can somehow manage to inspire you as well. If not for my fabulous homemaking and crafts and perfectly managed life, then maybe with my honesty and candor.


  1. hello rachel its dennis the vizsla dog hay dont feel bad if yore blog is not all bliss and stuf at my blog it offen seems to be wun dizaster after another but nun of it is my fawlt!!! wel ok sum of it mite be ha ha ok bye

  2. Really liked this post - thanks for being REAL. I hate doing the dishes, too. Maybe I would have more joy about it if I had a dishwasher?


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