Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Your Celebri-dog!

Recently, I came across 2 really interesting contests for people who love pooches. The first is an annual contest that I have loved for a while, but never entered. Orvis, a purveyor of fly-fishing and hunting gear, is once again taking submissions for their 2009 "Cover Dog" contest. Orvis has some of the most wonderful dog products such as beds, toys and crates and I have used their fly-fishing products for years too. Orvis is looking for photo submissions of your dog, living the "Orvis" lifestyle... in other words, doing what dogs do. The winner will be the featured cover photo for the 2010 Orvis Dog Book and will receive a $500.00 Orvis gift card. If I won that, I would buy 3 of their top of the line dog-nests for my beloveds! Check out this link for more details...http://www.orvis.com/intro.aspx?dir_id=1633&subject=6335&CampaignID=1069&ADV=106177&cm_ite=T1&cm_ven=orvisemail&cm_cat=PET_09_10_09&cm_pla=01

I spyed this contest, this past weekend while perusing the pages of the October issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. The Halloween Pet Costume Contest is pretty self explanatory and offers a really great prize. The winner will receive airfare for 4 and a 5 night stay at Seattle's Hotel Vintage Park (pet included,) with $2000.00 cash and more! I know that a lot of us love to dress our buddies up for Halloween and this is a wonderful way to reward you and your pet for your creativity! This one is open to all "pets" apparently, so if your pack includes cats, rabbits reptiles, skunks? Here is the link with more details...
Just click on the link for "3rd Annual Halloween Pet Costume Contest," for rules. You will also find some other really good dog related articles there too, so look around. Good luck to you all! I know there are some fabulous pups out there... with a real shot at bringing home the prizes!


  1. We're off the check out the Orvis contest. thanks for sharing.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  2. Oh! Neat contests! Will have to tell Golden Samantha's mom....she loves these. Especially ones with costumes!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. Oh wut fun! I have lot's of costumes and I want to go to Seattle only, I wish every doggie could win. No fair! But I will enter just in case.


  4. Mom had an email about the Orvis khontest (she's on the listie thing)...

    Tank woo fur saying I'm worthy...

    PeeEssWoo:I don't do dress up ;-)


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