Tuesday, September 15, 2009

George Bailey is Bustin' Out!

"No, no... I, I want a big one!"
You see, George Bailey wanted a suitcase as large as his dreams. He had plans to shake the dust of that crumby little town of his feet and see the world! But, what George didn't realize is that God had already seen his dreams and knew his purpose. Of course God lays out a plan for us that is so much greater than what we could envision for ourselves. Yet, we know that God put that desire in George's heart. Why, do you think, God put the wanderlust in George's heart... only to never fulfill that in him? I know there have been many times in which I have asked God for something only to receive the answer, "No." At that moment in George's life... God was saying "no," but with the help of Clarence... he was preparing a marvelous work in George's life. Is God preparing you for a marvelous work right now? One that might be different from what you have planned?


  1. I've tried hard to pray for His will instead of mine. He knows so much better what is good for me. I've learned to trust Him and I'd much rather have what He has in mind.

  2. Lessons from IAWL! Thanks for this - I've always had what I call "travel envy". I'll rethink that!

  3. I hope He is preparing me for whatever way I should go. I always try to pray to follow His way.

    Thanks for coming by the jungle. I am in Chattanooga and was living in Morganton, Ga. on the farm, alone.

  4. I LOVE this post! very, very much!

  5. What a beautiful post-- really made me think about the story of IWL in a different light. Can't wait to watch it at Thanksgiving!

    By the way, the blog is lookin' really sweet. If you get the chance, you can check out the brand-new 'Drawing the Sword'. Just click my profile. Peace!!

  6. Love this post Rachel. God definitely has placed big dreams in my heart as well. LOVE that movie:)


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