Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bacon and Eggs

Okay everyone... brace yourselves... I am about to wax philosophical about food... yes I am. Why you ask? Well, have you ever had a really unexpectedly great meal? Yes... me too... just last night in fact! Last night's dinner was so good that my husband and son said at least 6x's how good it was... out loud. That could qualify as a rave review! But I am not convinced that it was so much the food itself as it was the time and circumstance. See we had... breakfast... for supper. Cheese eggs, bacon (which I don't eat), gluten free biscuits with honey, and fried potatoes. I know people have breakfast for dinner all the time... nothing unique... but there was something different. Perhaps it was the element of surprise, or perhaps it was the creativity (we are getting close to grocery store day and the cupboard is gettin' a little low... thus the "creative" element.) Whatever the case, it was also satisfying to have the people I cook for acknowledge my efforts and to set this meal apart... in the history of family dinners... as superb.


  1. I have to eat gluten free also and so do my kids! How great is it when people rave about the meal you've provided!

  2. Isn't it funny how excited they get for breakfast at dinner!! I always add stone ground grits with cheese....my oldest son can eat a quart of these himself...and he's so appreciative!! LOL!


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