Thursday, September 24, 2009

aaaaand Dance by the Light of the Mooooon.

What didya wish when you threw that rock? As I previously mentioned watching IAWL is a Thanksgiving Day tradition for me and that day, believe it or not, quickly approaches. So I want to think about the movie in greater depth and with new perspective this year. i always get something different every time I watch anyway, (and cry like a baby in the end,) but I hope to learn from all of you... your own insights and how they apply to the lives we live. So, what did you wish when you threw that rock?...

I wished for the Granville house too and at least two babies in every room of that sprawling home. And like George, I wished to see the world. ( I don't want much do I?) So, what the Lord gave me was only a small taste of my hopes and dreams... a lovely but modest country home, only one really sweet baby to put inside, and the gift of living all over the U.S. but not the world. And, let's not forget... more time here on Earth to possibly realize more of my dreams and make new ones.

Mary was wishing for George to be her husband, but she also wanted a husband that was content with their life together. George was probably wishing for Mary to be his girl, but a girl to experience his adventures alongside him. In the end we know that they both got what they wished for but not in the way they wished it would occur. Are you wishing for something? Do you ever doubt that your wish will come true? We know that the Lord is able to deliver on our dreams and then some... but we doubt.... doubting his power and his greatness. And then there are those dreams that are realized, which are different but better than we could have dreamed them ourselves. Are you more Mary Hatch or are you the George Bailey type? I am definitely a combination of the two, but I am so glad that the Lord knows the desires of my heart like he did for Mary and George.


  1. Love your posts! I'd definitely a "George"! But then, I also married a "George", and we both have bad cases of travel envy.

  2. Love the scene in that movie. Takes me back to the days when I was young and madly in love:)

  3. I've been thinking on this one and it occured to me how much my wishes have changed over the years. My young wishes, so unrealistic. Now, much more grounded, realistic wishes and am able to see God's hand in the answers!

  4. I'm pretty sure that if God didn't have a hand in our lives, we would all be about to close up the Library.


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