Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yard Sales, Junking and Auctions... Oh My!

I knew, this Spring, when I started pulling nice tables and chairs out of other people's trash that this would be a season for treasures. Even that fabulous phenomenon however, could not foreshadow all the lovely auctions and yard sales that awaited. Of course one unfortunate reason for such awesome sales may have a lot to do with the depressed economy. Yet, I remain hopeful on that front because the auctions and yard sales have all been widely attended. Rallying to the aid of those in need and finally paying reasonable prices for antiques and collectibles, too long inflated, will certainly help the market correct itself... right? And buying second hand, is once again, in vogue. To re purpose should have never gone out of style, if you ask me. So here are a few of the purchases, I have made, to shore up the economy!

A little red stool for the kitchen, great shape, $20.00.

A lovely set of 8 of these '50's aprons... because my dish soap likes to look pretty while it works too...only $1.00!

My art deco, humpback mantle clock...$75.00... works perfectly!

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