Thursday, July 16, 2009

The "Heart" of the Kitchen

I believe the stove is grand. The sink is dandy. But the refrigerator... priceless! Where the stove is no doubt the muscle, with all its output, and the sink is the pulmonary system, carrying the life blood to other parts of the kitchen... the fridge is the heart. Our refrigerators provide and supply the whole system with the parts to run. Without it, food spoils but with it the stove is provided for... the sink is provided for... you see where I'm going? And the dishwasher... ummm... the endocrine system? Okay so I wax philosophical about my fridge for one reason, it now has its new, permanent, home in the kitchen! It is a lovely Frigidaire, side by side, with water and ice (crushed or cubed) in the door. The lines are so retro and lovely and I love the heritage that the name "Frigidaire" conjures in my mind. I think of how the ice box thrilled in the 20's and then in the modern 50's we marveled at the bliss of refrigeration. Think of how we were astounded by the ability to keep stuff cold, in our own kitchens, without having to haul ice from the ice house. Then think about how marvelous to know that electricity would keep your Sunday ham cool and your new TV dinners ice cold until... you were ready to heat and eat. Today I salute the humble and hard working fridge, my favorite (for the moment) appliance!


  1. Hey! I simply can not wait to see that Big 'Ol Thanksgiving Turkey in that Big 'Ol Retro Fridge of yours. Love Ya! >^..^<

  2. I LOVE refrigs!! I want the freezer on bottom style next...sigh.


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