Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's With the Springer?

The Springer Spaniel is just about everything I ever wanted in a dog. Compact and agile, the Springer is a real beauty when it springs a bird! They are so even tempered, loyal and loving. When Bailey and Oliver greet you, they wag their entire body with exuberant goopy love. Springers are just as happy running in the woods as they are sitting by the fire. They are easily trained and are inquisitive... quick witted even. So why, oh why, oh why... do they blow kibble every time they get in the car? Don't get me wrong... this is no "deal breaker" neccessarily but, I would like to take my beauties out into town without being covered in dog vomit (don't ask!) My son did teach the little one to do it in a bag, (gives new meaning to the term "doggie bag" doesn't it?) And the old one has grown out of it... but back in the day... watch out! So, this is something I hope will end one day. Until then... I'll be savin' all my Wal-Mart sacks and hopefully my car's interior in the process!


  1. Cool post. I love Springers, but can do without the vomit.

  2. hmmm... can dogs get carsick? Maybe that's what happened. . . I'm not really sure. Toy Poodles do fab in the car!

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for stopping by our blog to visit.

    Do we live close to each other? We are in Carroll County, Virginia.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrrleigh and Java

  4. EEEWWW!!! Doggie Vomit!!!

  5. Ours labs can blow chunks any time. Their favorite, however, is the middle of the night. Please tell me we don't have the only "self-cleaning" dogs in the world! LOL


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