Monday, April 13, 2009

Friends of the Pack

In this segment I would like to highlight some of our best doggie friends! After all... there is no truer pal than your canine BFF so, a little recognition is what they deserve!

Today's pack pals are Bruiser, (pictured above with Mom Alicia Lynn,) and the Ragin' Cajun Roux, (pictured below.) Bruiser and Roux are new buddies but we love them still! Bruiser found a new home with Alicia Lynn and it was a match made in heaven! After hurricane Ike destroyed Alicia Lynn's home... she decided to leave the tumultuous shores of Texas and head for higher ground in No. Georgia. Bruiser was with a family that had decided to pack up and leave town too, but couldn't take Bruiser along. So, Alicia Lynn... being a kindred nomadic soul... invited Bruiser to be her new BFF and the rest is history! Our pack adores Bruisers shy-guy ways and winning smile!

Roux belongs to Alicia Lynn's daughter Jenny. Because Roux ain't no sissie... he's stickin' 'round Texas for a while to make sure the "coast," (get it... "coast"?,) is clear. Really, Roux is a big ol' softie... but he's got a reputation to uphold. Roux loves to swing by his teeth for fun. WOW! Our pack loves you tenacious Roux! Thanks for your service.


  1. What a beauty! Nothing like those Bull Breeds! The Shih Tzu is cute too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) My Bullies have one too, just don't believe everything they write about me. ;)

  2. Love that face. Looks a lot like our Scooter.


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