Friday, April 3, 2009

So, Here's What Ya'll Do, When It's Rainin'!

A VERY scientific poll was recently conducted (by me) to determine what you do when "Fido" won't go out in the rain. Well the results are back and just as I suspected... you're all a bunch of radicals! It was pretty evenly split across the board but most of you either fall on the side of logic or crazy. Some of you believe in speaking rationally with your dogs to get them to... let's just say... "perform" while others of you believe in first hand illustration to achieve your goals. So, if I were a fly... I would witness a bunch of people either holding lengthy conversations with their dogs on bladder health or... wizzing in the yard like animals. Interesting. One thing is for sure, doggie people will do whatever it takes to help their doggie friends!

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