Friday, April 3, 2009

Ask Ruby

Now for a new segment called... "Ask Ruby." You're welcome to use that little "comment" area below the post, to add a question for Ms. Ruby's consideration. No question is off limits as Ruby attempts to delve deeper into the human psyche than any dog has ever gone before. Some sample questions might be... "Ms. Ruby... how can I get my hair as shiny as yours?" or... "Ms. Ruby... my man is giving me fits... how do you manage living with so many males whilst maintaining your sanity?" See Ruby ain't skeered... ask away!


  1. Miss Ruby...Miss Sadie would like to know how old you are and what is your favorite food?

  2. Sadie... Thanks so much for your question! I am only 1 & 1/2 yrs old... a teenager really. My favorite food is whatever my people leave on the counter while they eat dinner. Mmmmm delightful!

  3. Miss. Ruby, this is more for your human:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love that quote from Elder Uchtdorf, it's so inspiriing!

    And now because I am so egalitarian:

    Miss. Ruby,
    How big will you get?

  4. Well Whitney... thanks so much for your question. At 60lbs., I am as big as my people anticipate me getting. Of course I owe my svelte figure to lots of cardio! But, don't let my diminutive stature fool you... I can be one bad mama!

  5. Too cute!

    Miss Ruby,
    What is your favorite website to visit? I'm not proud to admit it but I am addicted to celebrity gossip so I frequent Perez Hilton's website...daily.

  6. Thanks for your question Patty! I have to admit... I am a huge fan of Cesar Millan! I visit his pack regularly and my favorite blog is Life With Dogs.... he's a hoot! Perez Hilton ain't too bad either ( girls need an escape every now and then... don't they Patty?)

  7. Rocco, my frenchie would love this!
    We hope you had a great Easter and thanks for visiting our blog!

  8. Miss Ruby.....................
    1st................Nice to meet you!!!!
    We're very very honored to have your photo on our guestbook!!!!you and your blog are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!And you look sooooooooooo gorgeous!!!!
    How you're able to have a look soooooooo cool.....a glance sooooooooooooooo sexy..........and a fur so brilliant???????
    Do you use special beauty articles????
    Sure we'll visit you often!!!!
    Dear friend...can we add your blog at our friends list????
    Lots of love and kisses from Italy!!!!

  9. Miss Ruby,
    Now that we have got back in touch with your humans--we want more pics. Did they build on the farm you are living at? Maybe another log home? We can't wait until we can build our log home. Mya and Tank say hi and wish you could live in AK too. Mya prefers the CA sun--she was born there but she is adjusting slowly.
    Ronda, Mya and Tank


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