Monday, March 23, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday was a beautiful, clear Spring day in the mountains of Virginia. And because of that, we seized the opportunity and took the doggies for a long walk in the woods. We are very fortunate to have a comfortable chunk of land with no neighbors in sight but what's better... we live on the border of the George Washington National Forest! A lovely mountain stream runs out of the forest and meanders through our property. All and all this place is dog heaven! Wide open spaces to run, plenty of sticks to fetch and tote and an ample creek to wallow in... what more could a dog want? And, did I mention wildlife? Well, we try to encourage admiring the wildlife from a distance but with three dogs bred to pursue and retrieve this is sometimes easier said than done. Of course, where there is wildlife there is also scat... and... well... let's just say... we don't delight in that the way the dogs do! ICK! Still, I can honestly say that our greatest consideration in buying this home was the vast spaces for my son and the dogs, to run, romp and play. So, our wild and wonderful surroundings are perfect for us. Our pack wishes many of these same perfect days for you and your pack!

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