Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Retro Doggie Love

Okay, I have a secret to confide that is not so secret. I am a sucker for everything vintage and doggie! I have just about everything one could imagine that bares the image of dog. Plates, pillows, clothes, photos, fabrics, napkin holders and figurines. And, because I am a huge auction/yard sale/estate sale forager... my collection of everything doggie, has no end in site. My favorite collectibles are predictably from one of my favorite eras in history... the 1940's. My favorite doggie subject... the Scotty! Lucky that FDR made the Scotty a national sensation! Otherwise my house may have been void of all my kitschy nic-nacs!

Okay so you know by now that I am the proud Mama of two Springers and a Weimaraner. And, truth be told, I would probably have one of every breed in God's creation if that was possible. (My husband balances me and my Creator tempers me.) But, one would naturally wonder if I am so ate-up with "Scotty" love... why don't I have Scotties instead of my current pack? Well, because I am limited in the number of dogs I can have I am forced to narrow my choices. Like so many of you, I had to choose the type of dog I would share my life with very carefully. My dogs were picked for their traits, abilities and character so that they would fit "best" into my family situation and surroundings. Since so many dogs end up in shelters, because of hasty and careless decisions, I really took the time to research the breeds that I have. That is not to say that a rescued dog, (even one of questionable heritage :), ) couldn't be the perfect pet, but for our family our doggies were the perfect choice. I am and have always been committed to making my pets, my pets for life! Through spaying and neutering and some self control, I have now seen one dog through her entire life and will hopefully have many more years with the pack I have now. And who knows, maybe someday I can give a precious Scottish Terrier a forever home too!

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  1. Hey there...

    I have two yorkie poo's, so I am a dog lover also---found you above me on SIST! Hang on, is that it?

    Visit me if you get the time---I'm doing a giveaway...


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