Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Raining and Pouring

Guess who's turn it is to give Mommy a coronary?
I'll give you a hint...

It starts with a "C"
ends with a "lyde!"

Nothing like a serious bout of colic, on his 18th birthday no less, to cause everyone to run around panicking!

For those of you keeping count, that's one deep penetrating flesh wound with eventual proud flesh, one incidence of choke and now colic... in less than a month.
3 emergency vet farm call bills.
Ferrier bill yesterday and regular farm call tomorrow for vaccinations.

But, if I weren't spending mad $$$ on my horses... what would I spend it on?
Who needs a trip to Tahiti anyway?


  1. You can call me anytime and we can talk "horse". I understand the panic! We'll be keeping fingers crossed that you now have a run of good pony health!


  2. Hope Clyde is done with the dramatic health issues! How worrisome for you. I joke that I've paid for a semester (or two) of college for my vets children by now :)

  3. Ugh--that's a lot of vet bills, and the kind that can't be avoided. Here's hoping for healthier months ahead!

  4. hopefully this is your run of bad horse health over. i know i seem to get a whole lot of catastrophes in a row then a calm spell for a while!

    fingers crossed for you!

  5. Oh honey! Clyde is turning into the gold pony. So happy he's okay. Hope that he can resist ill for a good long time!
    Hang in!


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