Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Random

I, like many of you, am stuck inside. Cold. Rain. Ice. No ride the horse. No walk the dog.
Cabin fever can certainly cause some odd preoccupations.
For example...
Observation #1
Did you know they make the DQ Blizzard in mini size?!
Holy Moly, how come I didn't know this sooner?
I feel downright good about myself for eating anything with the "mini" moniker!
How could anything "mini" be unhealthy? Everything in moderation.
Yes, it's cold out. Yes, ice cream is cold too. Yes, I'm suffering from moderate hypothermia.
But it's "mini!"

Observation #2
Raylan Givens might possibly be the hottest thing since individual pudding cups.
(Or "mini" Blizzards?)
I love the show "Justified" and that stinkin' Timothy Olyphant (aka Rayland "Hotter Than a Mini" Givens) is my new celebrity crush. Yes, I'm married but he (my husband Wayne) understands... celebrity crushes are unavoidable.

Observation #3
Thomas Johnathon "Stonewall" Jackson's horse, "Little Sorrel" is stuffed and "living" in a museum on the campus of VMI!
What tha?!
This one will keep me up on these long winter nights if I sit and think on it too long...
Let's just drop it like it's hot... hot like Raylan Givens...

What winter pontifications are ruminating in your brain?


  1. OK....that absolutely grosses me out!!!!!

    And yes, we knew about the mini's....the kids love 'em....I do not like our local DQ, rude, rude, don't go much.
    We haven't had enough snow...I'm still liking winter!

  2. What is it about that Olyphant dude? ;) I admired him in Deadwood also.

    I just rejoined wt watchers this morning... so kinda wondering how many 'new points' are in those minis? Well, maybe I really don't want to know! And that horse.. amazing, but he's sure been stuffed a long time. Freaky, but interesting! we're now snowed in again in MO too, so maybe I'll actually have a moment to blog :) Enjoy your home-time and those minis! -Tammy

  3. OK...What's the big idea of posting DQ Blizzards (mini or not) when I can't come through the screen to get one. Oh yeah. What did I say about resisting temptation this morning? I think your blog is much more fun :)

  4. Love the mini sizes - I don't like ice cream and have always felt left out of the blizzard craze - now maybe I can join in.

    Also, that guy is gorgeous - I must not get out much or watch much - no idea who he is...but man he is adorable. Don't tell my husband.

    Not even going to comment about the last bit...ugh!

  5. I didn't know about the minis, or the stuffed horse, or Raylan. All new to me. Personally, I think they need to make more mini portions than they do and give us a price break as well. It makes me mad when they do half portions and charge almost as much as whole portions, but I would love to eat less when I go out...just don't want to pay more for eating less.


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