Monday, December 13, 2010

Puppy Presents

As Christmas rapidly approaches, (and I do mean rapidly) some of us, (not naming any names, me,) may still be in the search for gifts. Annnnnnnd, perhaps have been so busy looking for people gifts that we forgot the animal loves in our lives? After all, dogs like gifts. And, as I understand it, they also like to look festive at their holiday gatherings! So if you fall into the aforementioned category... worry not!
I have unearthed a few cool gifts that might put the twinkle in your hound's eye!
For example... the above charm is such a dandy. Perfect for the trailride loving dog or that special cattle wranglin' girl in your life. (You know I have mad love for you dogs with jobs.) This charm... and the one below... can be found at this super cool Etsy shop, with many more to choose from, and all for $4.95!

Okay this is more for the "dog lover" than the actual "dog," however....
I found this lovely downloadable jpeg image, also on Etsy, for just $1. This image would be perfect for crafting something super sweet for your little fur baby. Ya'll also know I'm not discriminating but I have always had some mad Scotty love... just sayin'. This image, (and other cute ones) is available here.

....and these adorable collars, well, I have admired these for a long time! Wouldn't your sweety look so fabulous in this?! She also makes "bowtie" collars for the more masculine mutt. Peruse Pecan Pie Puppies wares here. These collars also help support dog rescue. You can read a bit more about that at this blog.

Then from, "Very Vintage," a little something Christmasy!
Let me tell ya'll... I have a collar from Very Vintage and I LOVE it! They are all handmade, from organic cotton, in the most delightful, vintage inspired fabrics! Ours has been very durable, (at least until Max got jealous and chewed Ruby's sweet owl collar up,) and made to last. Check them out and you won't regret it!

So here's wishing you Happy Shopping and a blessed Christmas... oh and a wonderful New Year too!


  1. These are quite nice, but when I broached the subject with Fido, all he wanted to know was if these things are edible.

  2. Furry nice items!

    Thanks fur sharing them!


  3. Oh cute ideas!!! We definitely need to step it up on the gift planning out here....

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  4. These are so cute. I want one of those charms for myself. And that flower on the colour? I'd better get on it!

  5. Cute stuff - I love that collar!

  6. Those are adorable! I love the charms!



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