Thursday, November 11, 2010

We're Gonna Make a Difference!

"America’s VetDogs® – The Veteran's K-9 Corps® is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded by the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and serves the needs of disabled veterans and active duty personnel. Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation has provided guide dogs and training at no cost to people who are blind or visually impaired, including veterans.

In 2003, the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind recognized the need for an overall assistance dog program for veterans that would incorporate guide dogs, service dogs, and state-of-the-art mobility devices – especially as our nation’s veterans age and as our country’s wounded warriors return home from active conflicts aboard.

America’s VetDogs was created and incorporated to give veterans easy access to the best services possible to improve their lives."

Oh what a soft spot I have for these guys! I want to thank you all for the kind comments of love and gratitude that we have received. How could someone not love all that our veterans (human and canine) have done for us? America's Vet Dogs speaks to me of a level of love and devotion, that is rarely seen in this world.

That's why I want to give a little love (minuscule in comparison) back! Awareness is the key. And I can tell that the needs of this, and the many other canine related service organizations, have touched your hearts too! So I want to make a $50 donation to America's Vet Dog's in the name of you, your pet, and/or your hero! If you've already left a comment for me on yesterday's post... then you are in the drawing. If not, you can enter a comment to this post and be entered. We will have a random "pawing" (literally I will pick the one that Oliver puts his paw on... he's so socially aware...) on Sunday November 14th around midnight!

On another note, I found in researching these posts that the SPCA was asking for volunteers, across the nation, for their Operation Baghdad Pups this Veteran's Day. I was a little too late for that but am feeling compelled to see if there is something more I can do for them soon. They apparently would send out all the publicity materials needed for standing outside a store and raising money...? Maybe the Christmas season is as good an opportunity as Veteran's Day? If you feel the same call look at this site for more info on how to help!
Thanks so much for your support and care. I am looking forward to hearing more from you all!


  1. Wow! How wonderful - we will look into both!


  2. Thanks for posting this information and God bless our dog veterans and people vets. :-)


  3. I have always believed that dogs were put on earth as His angels, giving unconditional love to humanity. Good post! Thank you.

  4. Great info... thanks for sharing!

  5. Love this post! Your blog is great, too! I am your newest follower! I look forward to coming back and checking in!!


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